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Where has your bike taken you today?


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On 7/30/2023 at 11:19 AM, Danger Dassie said:

Apologies in advance for the gratuitous image dump 🙈

But such a memorable gravel mission around the canals around Northwest/Harties yesterday, amazing network of water canals introduced around a century ago. Still in full use today among the various produce farms.

Lekker crew and a righteous christening for the new steed. 1160F8B0-F25E-430C-ADEE-9C160DD42A01.jpeg.5e554e998746ae74d3ed7fba2f4315f7.jpegF78BFCE0-9FF8-4326-823D-7C67ABD98AE8.jpeg.56569590e0e90a628118f6d731348bde.jpeg4F7E9DC5-25CA-4FFD-9DD7-239C2094F0B5.jpeg.097269c0028d22a1c41d719fca1bb432.jpeg4808C597-F864-4623-8626-06F9EE52A8D8.jpeg.be1b5ec72d377553d434ca051a563581.jpeg1B7B9A17-239C-44DF-9576-5424AC5DF205.jpeg.262594ff444d3eed61235241927b1cad.jpegEC0B2D0D-FEC7-4B27-917F-8AE6E5435A25.jpeg.149f01e41f25232a185891c709f9d20d.jpeg13A7BDA6-8AFF-4010-9248-3B9F2B8ED504.jpeg.7d5a9df3e9129ae999b30ae5659188b3.jpegC3BA5055-E33B-44D3-AED8-1036A76990A8.jpeg.77246563d3dba820a685b922ccf96484.jpegC5B16068-4C05-428C-8D2D-6082113F83F0.jpeg.8dd16b2d65df4f23aa4a74a140d5bbfa.jpeg6AE037DD-1C40-4EA8-9D73-699FE68C4DA5.jpeg.efa362ef0797517a81cee8a6a8934400.jpeg4244f1d0-f3b2-44f5-a767-e18b95620733.jpeg.72736608fdeb942748a6ddfa6d319c4b.jpegIMG_2519.jpeg.b9cb7ac4767d6d26fb0c347104855200.jpeg



HI Danger Dassie. Keen to go and explore with mates but cant fins a route on strava. Are you able to share a file or something?

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1 hour ago, 'Dale said:

Being in a hurry most of the time reduces your quality of life. 


Love the semi abstractness of the picture

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Durbie Dash 2023, haven't lined up for this event for many seasons.

Those Dutch ouens behind me look hyper focused, hey. 

Beautiful to see how Durbanville became an endurance playground for the day - so many bicycles and cyclists of all shapes, sizes and ages.


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The spot of wind towards R44 saw many fall off the back of the peleton ...







This couple had a nice day out ...



Thanks, was nice to ride with you.


Views, views and more views .... what a lovely day, despite the wind



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