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Run over by a bus!


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A few mornings now I've woken up feeling like I been run over by a bus: achey and (now) unberable pain all over. Mainly neck, back, head, and tight hamstrings. My training time has been less than optimal so I don't think the cause is overtraining. My sleeping habits and conditions are still unchanged so that is ruled out. Stress levels (work-related) are high and nutrition is sub-optimal. I need to get my groove back quickly. The Argus is around the corner. Anyone been through this before? Supplements? Any ideas?

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ai Spidey....not everything can be cured by sex...but almost everythingsmileys/smiley36.gif

Relentles - You sound sick, mm that's about as far as my Medical experience goes, sorry, I don't think I can help you, that SirFred dude seems to know a bit about these things, ask himsmiley4.gif

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I went the whole hog and went to a (gasp!) doctor! I explained my racing schedule and she put me on antibiotics (first for 10-12 months!).

So, I haven't had any spread to my lungs, but my nose won't stop running and my sinuses are sore. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow, 'coz I'm supposed to race Carnival Classic on Sunday!

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Mmmm, Big H I think you're onto something!

Still feeling yucky, didn't ride yesterday, now couching and sniffing! Feeling like I'm standing still instead of racing towards the goal. I guess I just need to get totally better before Argus and take it as it comes...smileys/smiley18.gif

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The rule of thumb is that if it's in the head you can carry on with

light training (nothing over 75%). If its below the neck then you have

a virus and should take at least 2-3 days off. With less than 2 weeks

to the Argus you should be in your final taper anyway so any training

you do now will not help you in the race, you need to rest and recover.




I would suggest seeing a doctor that you can talk to. Explain that you

dont want an antibiotic since it will further supress the immune system

(yes you will feel better initially but you will be sick again come

race day). Alternatively hit your local pharmacy and get some viral

choice, take it 3 times a day and make sure you drink plenty of liquids

(and that does not mean alchohol). If your schedule allows, get some

bed rest, you will be surprised what even one day can do. Lastly watch

what you eat, 5 small meals a day, up your fibre and drop your simple

sugars, it's easy to comfort yourself with the wrong foods when you are

feeling run down but think of the consequences and find something

healthy instead.





Sir Fed38775.5699884259

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Thanks Sir Fed. Bit worried as I took Thursday off and stayed in bed, spent Friday afternoon in bed, Saturday most of the day in bed and I'm still not recovering. It's moved from just sniffles to coughing and running nose (got an infection now).

5 small meals, check.

Vitamins, check.

Liquids, check.

Staying away from dairy as well. I'm starting to suffer separation anxiety from my bike! I'm staying off my bike for now to make sure I don't get worse.

I'll let you know how I progress towards health! (Positive thinking!)

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Just to report back: Checked with my local pharmacy on Fri. Got some Flutex which appears to have kept the symptoms at bay. Did the Bay City ride on Sunday ... which I should never have done. Lost 45min in 4 stops along the way with cramps in my left leg. First the calf at the base of Smits. A kind fellow cyclist stopped and popped me an anti-cramping pill (thank you sir!). Then half-way up slangkop ... same story. Then massive hamstring pull just after Kommetjie (thanks to the great PPA marshalls 4 in total who just sped past with nary a glance even though I signalled!), Then once again 2/3 up OKW. - Ham and quad both busted. I looked around me and took solace from the fact that I was not the only one.

Race was quite disappointing, considering what should have been perfect cycling weather. I run "hot" so quite love the rain. In retrospect the crap started right at the beginning where I could not find rhythm to my breathing, hence put too much on my legs.

Lesson learnt.

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