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Pro race VS GP4000


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I have not ridden the Michelins, but I have used the GP3K's (predecessor to the GP4K's) and the GP4K's and I like them.


The sidewalls are somewhat fragile, and although there is supposed to be a "Vectran breaker", which sounds like a baddie from a Sci-Fi movie, beneath the tread layer, the tread itself is quite soft.  Good for grip, good for being cut up too.


My tyres have a few nicks and cuts in them, but have been pretty good as far as puncture resistance goes.  The GP3K's convinced me that not all tyres are created equal.  They are light, so they spin up nice and fast and the road feel is excellent.


If you puncture a lot you may want to look at Gatorskins, but I have only good things to say about the Conti's.
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Personal preferance really.

What have you used before?


Ive had the GP4000's on my race bike for about 18 months, and only had 2 punctures, both in races in the wet, so im very happy with them. they also seem to last for ages, although mine are going a bit square! also that thread starts to come off the tire where the beading is, but thats minor. I love the Gp4000's and will be getting some more tommorrow at the expo hopefully.
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Without a shred of scientific evidence at all, I have the following "gut feeling" about these tires (I use them both, althought the Michelins are the older Pro Race 1s).


Michelin: Slightly lower rolling resistance (more supple casing).

Conti: Slightly better puncture protection.


Those opinions are not worth anything, but if you've got nothing else to go on, maybe they help.


Me - I'd go for the Michelins for my race bike.
ZeroPlay2007-03-08 05:03:49
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Thanx guys. I was leaning towards the GP4000 too. Its just that i  heard the michelins are quite grippy compared to conti.....Confused So yes maybe i should go for good "all rounder" instead of "grip"

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I currently have the Attack/Force on my bike.  Very nice set of tyres.  Biggest problem though, if you cur the rear, you buy a complete new set.

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many many many many threads about tyres on this forum - just go and search - there is even one where the conti rep responded.


in the end it all comes down to luck re punctures - i dont think that any puncture protection is better than others UNLESS you go for the superlight racing tyres - these WILL puncture easier than the rest & that is why they are called racing tyres!


dont want to puncture and have OK training ride - go for Conti Gatorskin


for racing & puncture resistance - go for Mich Pro Race 2






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Tyres I've used in the last few years, and my experiences:

Michelin Pro Race: Very nice tyres, but were prone to cuts. Managed to write one off after only 1 week, which made me look for an alternative.

Conti 4 Seasons: Marketed as a GP3000 with softer rubber for the wet, and better puncture protection (ala gatorskin). Raced with these in winter and the grip is unbeatable in the wet. Then had them on as training tyres for quite a while now - they are lasting a lot longer than a supposed "soft compound" tyre should.

Conti Attack/Force: Managed to slice the Force after only a month, but it was great up until then. The attack is still working well as a good front tyre.

Kenda Kaliente: Wasn't expecting much at the price, nor with the fact that they only weighed 200g. But they have performed waaay beyond expectation with only 2 punctures in one year. Being used as a racing and training tyre. No problems with wet grip either, and wearing a lot better than you'd expect for a lightweight tyre.


If I was shopping again I'd get the Kalientes. Affordable and perform very well.


niterider2007-03-08 05:36:17

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Raced on GP4000 last year. Raced 2005 on Pro race. My experience:


Pro Race wore out much faster, was prone to cuts and had less grip in the wet. I did not notice a big difference in my speed or the race results achieved due to the difference in tyres.


So I prefer GP4000 .


(For some races I was too lazy to take off the Gatorskins I train with, and still achieved more or less the same results.)
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