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That speedo on it alone is worth saving, those are pretty hard to find nowadays, especially in working condition :thumbup:

Honestly have no idea if that still works, but, this old man has had these bikes just sitting in storage for YEARS, so I wouldn't be surprised if it does, they have 2 bikes there, this one and a ladies bike as well

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You don’t by any chance have a 70 or 80 mm stem in size 25.6 (ish) tube diameter you want to sell or part ways with?

i have a 90mm/ 6mm riser (too long?) - its in a box somewhere its ugly to put on pina and its also a spez but i suppose you could improve its looks with a black felt tip pen  :whistling:


if you dont come right anywhere else message me we can make a plan to get it to you 

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Hi ,
I have a vintage bike which is about 90 years old . Got some info that it is either from the late 20's or early 30's 
It says Pantherwerke on the plaque.
Any collectors with more knowledge ?
Anyone interested ? I am willing to sell due to relocation







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that pantherwerke has the famous (in its day) panther p&h acetylene cycle lamp on it (or whats left of one)

they stopped production of those in 1939 

and went to dynamo style lights from about 1950

and the headbadge changed about that time 

but the war made lots of strange hybrid stuff so maybe its a postwar with some prewar bits (panther didnt get over bombed) or its pre war 

africa was a big market for panther either ways its bloody old 


sweet ride OP


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Gemini by French frame builder Henri Depierre. Spanish rider Luis Ocana rode a Motobecane branded Gemini to victory in the 1973 Tour de France. Some top riders rode Gemini bikes in the 70s.




The French Gemini frame is distinguishable by the following unique markings on the frame:


The '"Sporting Cockerel" "Le Coq Sportif" on the down-tube lug. This is a popular symbol in French sports.


The shape of the cut-out in the head lug represents the shape of the country of France.



The "Roto" BB shell.



The seat stays are brazed onto the seat lug. Depierre's name can be seen on the surface of the top eye.



Simple head tube transfer design.







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Gemini by French frame builder Henri Depierre. Spanish rider Luis Ocana rode a Motobecane branded Gemini to victory in the 1973 Tour de France. Some top riders rode Gemini bikes in the 70s.



What a gem Eppie! Many happy km's.


Love the shape of the fork .... doesn't have the extreme curvature of some other bikes from the same era -  maybe influenced by Gemini's track bike production?


Found this too:



Gemini Cycles


In 1967 Henri's son, Jacques, finished his military service, so Henri decided to open up a new workshop as a craftsman frame=builder, taking Jacques on as the workshop assistant to build up the bikes.


During the next fifteen years or so Depierre developed a very good reputation for building frames wirh excellent handling. He concentrated mainly on road-racing frames, but due to the proximity of the Bercy stadium, he also built a large number of track frames.


Among his custonmers were some of the best known French riders of the 70s, including Bernard Thevenet, double winner of the Tour de France, Cyrille Guimard, Raymond Delisie, Regis Ovion, Jose Cattieau, Daniel Morelon, Pierre Trentin...as well as Luis Ocana and Lief Mortensen..


His design philosophy was that form follows function ie simplicity..but this was coupled with a high standard of finish. to the metalwork."




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Nice find Eppie.


I love the lug cut-out in the shape of France. Now I suddenly need a French oldie in my life. Have Franch genes and all of a sudden the "bike part" of me is feeling very patriotic.

there is a well-priced Motobeccane (spelling?) French bike for sale on Gumtree AND the Hub, IIRC;


it has straight bars fitted, but comes with drop bars, the price of the bike is very good, the only real drawback i could see is that a replacement French BB is hard to come by, if indeed it needed one, but I know very little about French BB's, just what I was told!

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