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Powerade Tzaneen Reality Cycle Tour


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There seems to be a lot of confution around the Tour.

1. Its brand new and has backing from Powerade, Spur, Tzaneen Tourism, to name a few.

2. It has brand new routes and includes Magoebas and Agatha.

3. Contact Jaques or Debbie for info at 0823069555

5. Enter on cycle lab

6. Teams entered...Microsoft, Mr. Prise, Guateng and KZN,.

7. Veneu, Eiland, accommodation set aside for cyclists and family...

Reality Events hosted the Blyde Canyon Tour a few months back,.. ask around, one of the best in SA
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Just to clear a few things:

I did an enquiry regarding accomodation 2 days ago.  No answer.

The fine print states that if there are less than 200 entries per cat., you will pay NO prize money.  My prediction, having done the Tzaneen tour before is that you will not get more than 200 riders IN TOTAL!!  So why the hell bother?

This is not a new route.  Agatha has been done.  Magoebas, done.  Road out to Eiland done

Some feedback ragarding what the "bunch" is talking about....

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Tropical Tour is dead. Organizer just want to make money out of all the JHB & PTA riders. Pitty, origenal one was great !

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6. Teams entered...Microsoft, Mr. Prise, Guateng and KZN

What??? do they have 1 rider per team???


10 Entrants so far in the roadrace and

13 Entrants so far in the MTB race!!!!


How many entries do you need for this race/es to take place?


The race is too expensive and you are pricing yourselves out of the market!!!
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Yeah, the entry is a bit high. Long way to drive from Jhb for a race that might not even draw a lot of riders to make it worth while.

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Events of this nature require preparation and planning, not only by the organizers,  but also by the participants.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Cyclists are middle aged guys with wives , families, jobs, business etc.

They have to plan and negotiate leave with their wives, families, employers and their employees  reporting to them.

They have to budget the expenses and plan the training.

You cannot start advertising in  June and hope to attract any cyclists.


Next year Debbie advertise the event and open entries in January

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Is (was) the organiser the same as the original Tzaneen Tropical Tour?  The name rings familiar. Did anybody ever find out what happened to the cheques from the last TTT that the bank RD'd? Does the club that presented the TTT, Elim CCC still exist?

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I think having a vets category of 30-49 puts a damper on the event as well.

The prize structure is also a bit skew: R3500 each for the first 50-59 man and woman? Same for the 60+?


I would suggest that the prize money reflect the number of competitors in each cat.
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