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Terry Fox?s ?Marathon of Hope?


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Good God...




This is absolutely amazing. not like some egotistical prat who lost one nut and thinks he is God's gift to the sport world. This guy had REAL balls and determination.




?He ran with a kind of hop and a skip with his prosthetic leg ? through rain, snow and hailstones during the early weeks, then endured the sizzling afternoon sun of June and July,? wrote Time. ?Some Canadians said they felt a little squeamish at the newspaper and television pictures of his occasionally bloody stump and his face contorted in pain.?








He did it without proclaiming how amazing he was and without a big ego trip. All he cared about was raising money for cancer. Not inflating his ego or his bank account




Fox had run 3,339 miles in 143 days, about 23.3 miles a day. He raised more than $11 million raised for cancer research.

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"The Terry Fox Run, held annually every September in Canada, has raised more than $400 million for cancer research. Other Terry Fox Runs are held in more than 50 countries."




$400million for cancer research.




not to splash his name all over the press. not to hire PR agents and spin doctors.




JUST for cancer research

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