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Carbon Dual Sus or Carbon 29er

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I am currently riding a 26er Carbon Hardtail and am considering an upgrade...


I used to have a Giant Anthem, Trance and Reign so have had my share of dual sus bikes.


I went HT for the efficiency climbing.


I am now looking into getting a dual sus again, looking at the Carbon Epic.


but lately I have had strange urges towards 29er bikes. just as effecient as the hard tail but more forgiving without sacrificing speed... so I'm told.


I haven't ridden a 29er...but would like your thoughts on the matter to help me decide.




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First of all hardtails aren't as effecient as a decent FS on a climb that isn't tar.

How tall are you before you start looking at 29'ers?

I know some say anyone can ride a 29'er but I'm not a believer in that.
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I am 1.8m and weigh in at 78kg


I'm a fairly proficient mtber and have ridden epic and sani2c. I can DH a bit so techinically I'm pretty good ...


I mostly ride tokai and race in the PPA mtb races I can get to.


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