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TDF Competition - Important Announcement

Man with no name

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I promised to do my research on the Vino matter and the effect this will have on the results. As previously stated, we will abide by the rulings of the ASO and their recognition of his results. Surfing around I have found the following:


The ASO (www.letour.fr) recognizes Vino's TT win on stage 13 pending the confirmation of his B sample. As a result, and I realise we will not win any popularity points on this Ouch, we have decided to reinstate the six points that Vino earned so far on his two stage wins for consistency's sake. VERY IMPORTANT to note we do this to stick to our undertaking that the ASO's ruling will be final and that this reinstatement should be seen as a temporary measure pending the B sample.

I feel that any deviation from the above may lead to people becoming biased and personally I want to be neutral in this matter, hence my post to distance myself from any of the prizes. I want to see a competition that's fair and consistent.

I could not find the due date for the B sample. If anyone has any other information, please enlighten me, as we want to stick to the cool down period announced earlier. If not, we will have to consider extending this.

Vino has been the most popular rider by election for this competition so this will affect almost everybody (hey, thank him, not me...Dead)


I will amend the results later tonight. Please pay attention to today's results, as it will be different in a number of ways:


Vino is out of the tour, but I will add his six points back on the explanation given above.

Rasmussen is out of the tour, but the decision was his team's, so his results will stand. His 1 point earned in the MJ will still stand for yesterday, as he was only pulled from the tour yesterday post stage.

Contador will move into the MJ tonight (provided he finishes in the MJ tonight) ie he will earn one point tonight, plus the provisional 20 points that we allocate to the wearer of the MJ each day on a rolling basis. Ditto second and third.

Christian Moreni will probably only affect KayCLOL

Please PM me if you have any questions


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Thanks for the efforts MWNN.....What ever you decide, dude, it's all for fun in any case......

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Thanks MWNN, great competition.


The Tour turned out to be a BIG disappointment though.





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