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L'equipe Monday 30th


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Weve made the turn


the turn to what ? from one doper to another ?


here is  a list from a sworn statement during the whole Puerto thing, of what a Mr Contador took:


HMG-Lepori, a hormone to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and also a product for asthma called TGN.




gianni2007-07-31 05:24:11
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WAt het Contador aan jou gedoen of is jy net suurtiet omdat jou hero nie gewen het nie??????? ...... verkoop jou fiets helmet en skoentjies en verdwyn van die scene af as jy dit nie kan handle nie ..... skoert!!!!!!!!

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who are you talking to HP ???




My understanding of HP talk...Wink

<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Suurtiet = sourpuss 

??????? = Stuck record

!!!!!!!! = Verbal diarrhea 

Skoert = Hipocrits way of saying F off

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