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Where has your bike taken you today?

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CptMayhem - they are 465g actually :P


Cut was on the tread, somehow there was glass on the trail :angry:

Sealed with stans, bombed it but it started leaking, sealt again and I rode to the parking lot to fix it.

Did have plugs but only one bomb with me, will take 2 next time ;)


Just came back from London and after phoneing about 200 stores up there finally managed to get my hands on some Conti X king RS 2.2 and Conti MK ii's the Xking comes in at 480 grams and the Mkii 500grams, Cant wait to fit these babies and hit a trail or 6.

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My bike took me for a 40km ride in the forest along the Mossel river





Nice, howz the hayfever season there?


Suffering here, all that green grass and tree's have a nasty side to them...

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I have never had it this bad.Our cars were yellow last week with all the pollen,seems like the grasses turn this week.But still fun to ride though.Got some piills that seem to help.

My wife has had it bad this week.

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Yep same story here, my wife actualy sounds like she is asthmatic and struggles with exercise at the moment.


Luckily it (Pollen season) passes fairly quick, just like summer... :lol:

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