Grateful for his life and to have avoided paralysis, Grant rides annual Im’possible Tours, raising funds to educate less privileged youngsters through the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, an important cause, which is fully supported by his healthcare partner, CompCare Medical Scheme.

Grant recently attempted his 6th Im’possible Tour which for the second year running was on home turf, giving South Africans the opportunity to experience this most challenging solo fundraising ride first-hand.

Regrettably, Grant was not able to complete the challenge after heavy rains, excessive heat, strong winds and rapidly increasing pain, due to tendinitis of the left ITB (Iliotibial band syndrome), put paid to his quest to complete his 2020 Im’possible Tour.



“I was attempting to cycle over 2 000 km on gravel roads , including 22 300 m of climbing, in just 100 hours. However, after 824 km I climbed off my bike in agony. Having navigated the 48 km Prince Alfred’s gravel pass from Avontuur to Knysna on day three in heavy rain and wind, I could no longer get out of the saddle or put any power down on the pedal with my left leg,” he recounts.

“It was only after Cradock the next morning, heading to Pearston through a semi-private reserve on a very rough jeep track and rocky gravel road, that the knee pain started. The relentless hills, 30 plus degree heat, and a steady headwind gave me no respite. By that evening, the pain in my left ITB became excruciating. It quickly became apparent that I would not be able to carry on for much longer, especially with the Seven Passes Road, Montagu and Swartberg Passes looming.

“I was resolute to carry on until I could no longer turn a pedal. To honour my sponsors and the children I raise money for I did not want to stop until I knew I had given absolutely everything. However, this was not to be,” he says.


Grant, who is the ambassador to CompCare Medical Scheme, is bullish about his recovery given that he has one of the country’s foremost medical schemes in his corner and promises that he will be back, better and stronger than ever.

“I am very fortunate to have a supportive infrastructure of one of the top medical schemes at my disposal. Given their impressive track record as a medical scheme to sportsmen and women CompCare is highly experienced when it comes to sports injuries. It really helps knowing that I have a supportive and understanding medical scheme at my side.”

As a former healthcare advisor Grant knows a thing or two when it comes to selecting a medical scheme. “It is so good to see a medical scheme like CompCare embracing sport and professional sports people, adventure seekers and those participating in high risk sports. When your sport means as much to you as it does to me, having comprehensive medical cover that you know you can rely on sets your mind at rest.


“During my previous career as a healthcare consultant and adviser for over a decade I often worked with corporate clients covered by CompCare. It always struck me how approachable and open to direct discussions with their clients and members the scheme was, particularly when there were specific or extenuating circumstances regarding claims.

“With CompCare our clients were never just a number and this has never been more obvious to me than it is today. As a current member and a proud brand ambassador, I can confidently say that despite the considerable growth of the scheme none of this has changed.”

“I am on the MEDX Hospital Plan which suits me well as I have no adult or child dependants and my day-to-day cover is less important to me. I like the fact that my risk benefits are sufficiently covered without costing me a fortune, and I have great preventative care benefits that I can use throughout the year,” says Grant.