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  1. My in-laws also own a place there, so I'm wanting to know the same thing!
  2. I cdon't think I'm a complete idiot and I struggle enough on my own, KNOWN, bicycles with frequent muck-ups. To think that a bike mechanic can sort out a variety of bikes, with their proprietary nonsense, in a short span of time, is something to be respected and paid for (if done properly of course). I mean, how often do we tell ourselves that a quick brake bleed or changing valve, rim tape, sealant and tyre should take 30-45mins max? Then to find 2 hours has passed your bedtime and you feel like a failure and want to give up the passion of bike riding/wrenching? Respectfully, we pay professionals in the service industry for their knowledge & experience (never mind the tools) as to which screw must be replaced, rather than the cost of the screw...
  3. There are definitely a group of those... I think we forget that most folk who ride bicycles are not as bike-befok as we are and probably with little free time available, don't feel inclined to make self-wrenching a priority. Personal choice in the end.
  4. My preferred LBS in Cape Town is a little understaffed and when I asked the owner why he didn't employ another mechanic, his answer is that good wrenchers are hard to find... so...
  5. True, but also paying peanuts will employ... I'm seeing a (bi)cycle here
  6. Anyone know where I can get a pair of Spaz riding shoes on Black Friday special?
  7. A way to ruin things we like...
  8. Cool - advice taken. She's got the bike - enjoys looking at it more than riding it. Next step: Live-in domestic... or a ring? I'm stuck here
  9. I need to replace my Reverb hydraulic hose because I'm putting the dropper on a new bike and I think I cut the current hose too short to fit on the new bike. Is an original Reverb hose my only option? Or can I use a similar hydraulic hose such as another brand of brake hose that's compatible with mineral oil? I've also heard that Cape Cycles don't stock Reverb spares, is this true? Appreciate the feedback.
  10. If you're planning on a new bike in the near future, don't put any cash into current bike upgrades. Just keep it well-maintained and running smoothly... Save excess for the new willy raiser.
  11. Always thought it looked like a stunning ride, but I ain't got the ganoons to risk it...
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