ccs-62657-0-88969100-1461517619.jpgTread Off Road.

ccs-62657-0-15685100-1461517615.jpgRacing Road.

ccs-62657-0-86983100-1461517616.jpgShifter Road.

ccs-62657-0-37617100-1461517618.jpgTraction Off Road.

ccs-62657-0-85016500-1461517613.jpgCrank R Off Road.

How long have you been around for and how many stores do you have?

We've been in the cycling trade for 7 years and we have one store

How big is your product range in cycling ?

We have an extensive range of cycling products for MTB, road and triathlon with an extensive clothing and accessory range with a fully equipped repair centre and workshop.


Do you cater for beginner, intermediate or specialist cyclists?

We have a full range for the social to the most serious athletes.

Do you cater for mainly road cyclists or for mountain bikers as well?

We specialize in road, triathlon, and mountain bike. We also have an in-house Fox and RockShox repair centre.

What does your customer look for in a good cycling shoe?

Value for money. Shoes that comes in at a good price with comfort and durability

What do you think about the new Olympic cycling range?

Olympic has a great range with a wide selection of shoes and clothing for mountain bike and road. The shoes have a modern design with great features. They also have a wide size curve (sizes 3 to 13) to cater for all types.



Do you think Olympic cycling shoes offer value for money?

Yes, great value. Especially the wide range for MTB and road.

What are you doing to promote cycling in South Africa?

We have our weekly outrides from our shop and are always very active with sponsoring local events. We also provide mobile technical back-up at events and have riders we sponsor in mountain bike, triathlon and road.

Where can we find your store?

Coimbra Cycle Centre
25, 6th Ave, Walmer
Port Elizabeth
(041) 581-3310


Facebook: Coimbra Cycle Centre
Twitter: @Coimbracycles