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  1. TheJ


    All they need is to add a forum section and some classifieds, and we have competitors.
  2. TheJ


    Seems a new player has entered the market, maybe stepping on BikeHub's toes. https://www.news24.com/ride24/news/ride24-new-lifestyle-site-for-cycling-enthusiasts-launches-in-sa-20201210
  3. Someone put a lot of thought into this business idea, but just not enough. They ended with a "sure we can do that", where they should have ended with a... "but should we do that". Sorry guys. Pass.
  4. https://theconversation.com/why-it-could-be-dangerous-to-exercise-with-a-face-mask-on-140277
  5. Many years ago I bought my wife a set of (new) Mavic track wheels, the Eclipse model of memory serves, from CWC. It arrived with clear tyre lever marks on the rim, a sliiiight buckle in one of the wheels and scratched decals on the one hub. They insisted the wheels were new, but agreed to send me a few "free" track sprockets as compensation (essentially an admission of guilt in my eyes). Nice.
  6. If your bike has internal cable routing and sleeves that the cables run through, don't be smart and pull them out. Can't recall why I did. Especially not the night before a race. Had to remove fork and BB to get the bloody thing back in. And... it was my wife's bike. Eventually got to bed like 2am.
  7. Same thing happened to my old Cannondale Scalpel. I cut a 3 or 4 cm piece of old seatpost, "bent" the crack open as far as needed and sleeved the piece of post in halfway. Welded it. Slid the frame over the pipe and welded it again. My dad took the bike over and has been using it for over 5 years.
  8. I got a voice note about this. One of them was stabbed 8 times. It was two "African" guys, because saying b...k is not deemed politically correct these days.
  9. Well, if IQ is an indicator of intelligence (or at least a building block of it), and we say that intelligence influences criminality, then Google the average Sub Saharan IQ. And if you want, Google the average IQ per race as well. Might make for some interesting reading. And again, its not me posting numbers, its online for everyone to see.
  10. Yeah, it could have been wrapped up pages ago but then the... ...crowd entered the room. Oh well... lets hope this tread dies before the new Friday controversial comes out in a few days.
  11. Which is why I said, there could be many reasons for the racial make-up of the prisons, the "haves" having better counsel etc. But I still don't think the difference in quality of counsel alone could explain the vast difference in numbers, surely?
  12. Right, so flamesuit on, but anyway I don't really care. Facts don't care about anyone's feelings. Lots of people are getting self righteous and insinuating that the OP is making a closet racist post by doubting a guy pushing a bike while committing the crime of being black. And, would you feel the same if you saw a white buy pushing a bike, etc etc. Guys, lets look at the racial make-up of prison vs the racial make-up of South African as a whole. Now my math ain't strong so if I'm off with this, feel free to correct. Blacks make up 79.6% of prison population, and also coincidentally 80.2% of the country's population as a whole. Lets round that at 80% to make things easier for me. So am I correct in saying that out of a 1000 people in prison, a random ringfence of people, 800 of them would be black and 16 of them would be white? Is my math on that right? Now compare that to the population at a whole. Of 1000 non incarcerated people, 800 would be black and 84 would be white. If my math is weak to begin with, then working out the "chances of landing in prison ratio" is even weaker, but does that not indicate that a black person is more likely to end up in prison compared to a white guy? Yes we can discuss the possible reasons behind it ranging from Apartheid to haves vs have nots, etc etc etc. There could be a whole bunch of causes which I'm not disputing, but I'm looking at the numbers. So to swing all that back around... if a guy driving his car sees a black guy in blue overalls pushing a bike, whether its a Makro special or a Pinarello, and he sees white guy in a blue overall pushing the exact same bike, why does the guy in his car need to be guilt tripped and shamed for using, not prejudice, but applying simple maths and knowing the realities of South Africa to the situation? If he, in his mind went, "Chances are..." then would he be racist, or would be just be using sound reasoning?
  13. Quite clear Nino gave that win to Lars for his help in closing Avencini down.
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