The first thing you notice is the quality and well thought out packaging. Everything you need to mount, use, and charge the Fly6 is in the box which also includes a MicroSD card. There's even a rubber wedge to fit an aero seatpost.



To mount the Fly6 you will need a plastic mount, a rubber wedge and two straps. The thinking is that the rubber wedge and the plastic clip stay mounted to your bike allowing the Fly6 to clip in and out. It's quick and easy enough to pop the rubber bands off to remove the complete unit from the bike. From opening the box to hitting the road took me less than 10 minutes.



Once mounted, all you have to do is push the On/Off button. The Fly6 will then beep into life and start recording. There's a light and 4 beeps to let you know it's on and recording. You can either leave the tail light off or choose the setting you would like with a separate push button.

The waterproof device is said to offer 30 lumens with 2 flashing options (a high blink mode and a dimmer option) and a solid on mode.

Footage is recorded in .AVI format at 720p resolution in 10 minute increment loop mode. There's a unique "Incident Capture Mode". If the device is tilted more than 30 degrees from horizontal for 5 seconds, incident capture mode will activate and 3 quick beeps will sound. The device will then continue to record for 1 hour and turn off. This will ensure an "incident" and what happens in the aftermath is recorded in full.

Since the launch Cycle Factory Shop have announced a reduction in price in-line with the international asking price, bringing the cost down to R1,999. We will strap the Fly6 to a seat post or three to bring you a full review.


  • 720p HD recording in a continuous loop
  • AVI video format
  • 100-degree wide viewing angle
  • Up to 6 hours runtime in 10min auto-increment sections
  • 30 lumen tail light with three modes
  • Micro SD card included (8 gb)
  • Mini USB for charging/downloading
  • Various adapters and straps for mounting are included
  • Nano tech waterproofing
  • Price: R1,999