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  1. If we are browsing on this here world wide web, we should surely be using some sort of antivirus ... heck, even the free ones.
  2. That reminds me. We used to do our morning commute coffee at Truth when they started out on the intersection of Buitengracht and Somerset Road at the Prestwich Memorial. This dude pitches up on his scooter, proceeds to take off all his rather copy/paste paraphernalia and then asks the barista for his coffee. Then he proceeds to lecture the barista on how to make the perfect coffee and calls for his milk to be frothed in a certain way with a certain amount of time that it has to be poured into his cup. Acting all pro. Then this dude says to the barista "Where are your sprinkles" .................... that was the last straw for him, you could see his heart sink and finally give in to this pro. He shuffled around to find it in the back, gave it to him and walked away in disgust. This dude also looked and acted like his mother dresses him in the morning. Long story short, that used to be a good running joke with the barista afterwards.
  3. The very best banana breads ever were made by my Great Gran. I have been on a long search for anything that comes close to what my GG would make. My Gran and my mother have also tried my GG's recipe, but only my wife has come anywhere close to how she used to make it. I actually told her this morning that this loaf was pretty much as good as what my GG used to make. She nearly shed a tear knowing just how great that loaf was.
  4. So low, long and slack then is the way to go .............
  5. I am just grateful that my wife made an awesome bannananannaaannaa this morning
  6. Pretty much the same ... see my earlier post where I had a link to both bikes https://www.specialized.com/za/en/mens-chisel-comp-x1/p/157839?color=239087-157839&searchText=91719-5405 https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bikes/501860/specialized-chisel-comp
  7. 54 ......... be careful when lighting your birthday cake candles, and have a fire extinguisher on hand with your local fire dept. on speed dial should things go south!
  8. Selling @ 140K and you get 4 x lousy pics of the bike ................................
  9. A friend is asking me about this Trek for sale ... supposedly a 2020 model, but the deeper I dig the more it looks like a 2019 model. Not knowing my roadie bike, it also looks like the paint is a match on the 2019 bike vs the add on the Bikehub, and from 2020 it also appears that the Emonda SL5 was running with disc brakes. Any comments and advise on the price being asked? https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/500406/trek-emonda-sl5 https://www.bestbikes.co.za/products/road-bikes/emonda-sl-5-2019
  10. I never knew you could still slam a stem so low on a road bike at your age!
  11. Pity we can not comment on the adds ... some poor soul is going to get knocked on that price
  12. WTF .... what a joke ... unless they have older stock on the floor that they bought straight out before Spesh brought the price down?
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