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  1. These guys know how to have fun!
  2. Make your own ship ... you need a peanut farm to run in conjunction with the raisin farm .... mix them and you have peanuts and raisins and the world will be your oyster!
  3. Those few grams are not the reason for his poor performance as of late .... a few hearbeats behind the leader on a climb maybe, but not to the place he is currently finishing.
  4. It is the violence of the attack that really worries me.
  5. Look like you are keeping it up with a stick, like a MTB on the trail pic
  6. Is it just HD riders, or many riders? Personally it does not float my boat, a nice grumble yet, but being stupidly loud is not for me. A friend a block back as some or other stupidly fast KTM Supermotord, and that thing is loud from my house when he starts it up. There are three other HD's near me that pass my house and their bikes do not make a noise, sound yes, not noise. Then there is a KLR that comes past that is stupidly loud again.
  7. Hi @ZarrasI have been highly critical of your ads and builds as many times they have been highly in accurate or very poorly described, or the condition being noted does not reflect the advert pictures. I have noticed you are making more of an effort with respect to your photographs, and your above comment also says a lot. Wishing you well in growing your business and your knowledge, but please put in a little more effort with your research and descriptions as it would serve you well. I am also sure the group in this thread would be open to you posting queries of adds you are go
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