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  1. Like you have ever cycled faster than 25km on your bicycles, including going down hill
  2. It looks so bad that I am going to have to try it.
  3. unfortunately outside of my price range for now
  4. experienced that feeling while body boarding (No jokes from the surfers please), riding a horse and being chased by a bull doing your first jump over a big trench, running with a rugby ball, fighting in the ring ........... waiting for your pay to clear as a youth
  5. Honda are currently offering a 50K discount on the Africa Twins ... in conversation with them today, the CT branch, you can get the manual on the road for just under R205K
  6. so if this runs on mineral oil would one still need to degas your fluid like with the "normal" SRAM brakes ... and will the bleeding process be far simpler like with a (Spit) Shimano brake set?
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