Bergstrom said that being a mother, wife and starting riding a lot later than her comrades, the Series has certainly helped get her name out there.

“As I have only been a competitive mountain biker since August, 2011, I would say the ROAG Series has pushed me more into the spotlight, with more people recognising me as an athlete.”


Bergstrom said she is excited and privileged to be the overall women’s winner of the ROAG Series, which she fully credits her sponsors 32GI, Victory Trading and The Robert Group for.

“I’d like to thank all the land owners who gave us access to their private land and to the sponsors who have made this Series possible,” she said.

When asked if she set out to win the ROAG Series, she said: “Yes, of course. It was a part of my game plan!”

Bergstrom said the Series has been a well-organised and supported Series, giving everyone an opportunity to get into mountain biking, from beginners to weekend warriors, to the racing snakes.

“It can only grow from strength to strength. It has also been a great opportunity to ride and experience different terrains in KZN. We are very spoilt for riding here, and lucky enough to ride through areas that most people don’t get to see,” she said.

Although she said all the races have been great and equally enjoyable, Bergstrom’s highlight race was the Mountain Splendour, because it’s a full weekend of racing, and a wonderful getaway for family and friends.

Bergstrom’s advice to the younger generation riders is that in order to do well, you need to keep the passion and drive for your sport, but most of all: enjoy it!

“The young riders are the future of our sport. Opportunities in life don’t come round too often, and if you can get opportunities with something you love so much, then the world is your oyster! Take it and run with it. Never give up, it is never over ‘till you cross the finish line!”

When asked how she felt being a role model to the younger riders, Bergstrom said: “If I can get more children outdoors, exercising and enjoying sport, rather than sitting inside watching TV and playing playstation, then that’s awesome. I enjoy encouraging the younger ones, because they are our future,” she said.

Bergstrom said she will without a doubt participate in the ROAG Series next year, and feels honoured to have her name associated with the Series.

“Mountain biking for me is my time to get out there and enjoy life to the fullest. I started in 2011 when got an entry to Sani2C, after that I was hooked and I decided this is what I want to do on a competitive level,” she said.

The Series will culminate at the ROAG Series Celebration Dinner on December, 1 at Giba Gorge MTB Park, where overall leaders in the men’s and women’s category, Andrew Hill and Bergstrom, will each be presented with R20 000 apiece. All other category winners and runners-up will be rewarded, too.