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  1. Times 2. Both of the undersides of the calipers just flaked away and eventually DOT fluid just started squirting out. Game over. I've had the brakes just over 2 years.
  2. Update... Now my second caliper has dissolved. I'm gutted because I really like these brakes and I spent a lot of money on them. Ironically I dug out a 10 year old set of Shimano Deores and bolted those on. Still work as well as Shimano brakes can. What a pity. I emailed Hope and they aren't interested in my story. Told me not to ride on tar roads when they've been salted. Durban - ya right. A word of advice... take your calipers off every six months and clean them. Try sealing them or polishing/sealing the undersides. I think once the thin anno has been scratched, they just corrode like crazy.
  3. No they don't. Just a few small cost saving/sponsorship deals.
  4. Fast forward 3 years. Karkloof annual fees are R1465.00 - for what are incredible trails by anyone's standards. Holla is now R2800.00 for much fewer trails than in the past - black & maroon routes now permanently closed and 3 other trails under restricted access. And zero trail building aside from some weird plank structures. I know where my money's going this year....
  5. Update on my corroding calipers. Today the DOT fluid finally squirted out of a hole caused by the corrosion. Pissed everywhere. I've sent them to be ground and welded because I like these brakes but I can't get spares in Covidville. Hopefully can get them up and running again. IMG_4514.HEIC
  6. Pipsqueak

    Pyga Hyrax

    PM me if you haven't had a chance to ride a Hyrax. I'm in Ballito and I have a large. Not my only bike, but we can talk. Very impressive bike, even racing the Epics on the Holla sandflats.
  7. Still annoyed that I can't land on a mountain bike generic page. Not frames, whole bikes etc etc. All things MTB would be wonderful.
  8. Does this bike come with a 170 crank? Ride it anywhere meaningful and surely you're going to be whacking things?
  9. Depends how and what you typically ride. Long rock gardens... like Sid Vicious, shows up my Yari. It kind of gets stuck. Otherwise Yari is an amazing fork for what it is.
  10. I'm still missing being able to browse a generic mountain bike classifieds page. Now I have to either wade through piles of roadie crap, or search specific components for mountain bikes.
  11. It's not from dot fluid. Nothing leaking. Those are both front and back callipers. I sent pics to Hope, they told me it was from road salt corrosion. Obviously no road salt used in Durban, but it's corrosion none the less.
  12. I'm so disappointed in these. I love Hope products, but these callipers are dissolving. Despite what they look like, I've not used them much. Those are the pads that shipped with the callipers! I'm wondering if there's some galvanic corrosion going on here..?
  13. Bit of a resurrection here. I have a Honzo that begs to be thrashed, and I'm thinking of putting a foamo in the back tyre. I run it kind of soft, because I like that bit of give on the hardtail, but I know I'll get a pitch flat as soon as I hit the rocks. What pressure are you running on your HT rear, and could you go as low as 1.2/1.3 bar on the back with that foamo?
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