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  1. OKO was around about 10 years ago. It was nice and fibrous and sealed well for me. There was a Hubber (Billy Rae) Caerus that used to sell it. Not sure about the current formula.
  2. Damn, now that is one sweet thing of beauty.
  3. Wayne why not use Aramex Global Shopper to a local German address?
  4. I'm chuffed to see that Barry Glem is going...
  5. Some say that if you find the right path, you could ride for three days, until you end up in the Underberg... There might have been a lot of traffic in the opposite direction this weekend though... Good luck.
  6. I was once stung by a long expired, extra caffeine Whasp (remember them?) Sachet. Man it was awesome sprinting on my own, in my own world, for 458th...
  7. The correct person has advised. Time to move on.
  8. Sjoe Oom, that looks factory. The DJ would dig it...
  9. I don't remember the DT rear mudguards looking like yours?
  10. Burberry on the bike? Serious Baller you are Wayne...
  11. With your name and those sites you are frequenting, I mean Lily in Canada....
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