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  1. . I offered to buy at the advertised price upon which the wanted "to think it over", obviously not sticking to offer to sell. The next morning notified of a "correction in the price, due to a mistake". When questioning his behavior, he pleaded poverty and difficult times, shame. The loss of the deal is not the issue, but the lack of ethics. When getting more than one offer to purchase at the asking price, I'd say confirm the deal with the first respondent, and let others know that they were not first
  2. Some need urgent education regarding the basics of an agreement. Realizing that once an item is advertised at a certain price, a legally binding contract comes into place as soon as a buyer accepts the offer. Some sellers are still of the opinion that they have the option to alter the price after accepted by the buyer, and that a deal is only concluded once they accept the buyer offer to buy...
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