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  2. Arsenal just showing off tonight.
  3. Bikeyoke just uses a cable remote to activate so nearly any dropper remote works with them. No none of the working parts are interchangeable.
  4. Shockingly good bicycle service center can service your REVERB. We specialize in suspension work
  5. So then should I just buy a Bikeyoke? Can I use the Rockshox controls with the Bikeyoke or do they have their own specific controls?
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  7. Windy. Mid twenties. Sunny. As the saying goes, "if you're waiting for the weather to do things in Cape Town, you'll do nothing".
  8. What’s the latest weather forecast for Sunday’s race
  9. It’s Classic’s season, so follow the posts on the Classics page. I’m sharing the Sporza link (with VPN, putting you in Belgium) for each one day race, as it appears on their site. Flemish commentators, if you have half an ear for die taal, otherwise the pictures are adequate. And it’s free. In the meanwhile, here’s the Race Calendar from PCS, excluding the two 8-day stage races in France and Italy.
  10. Because there is now a short route that has to go out & back on the M3 where in the past city could open up the M3 once the long route riders went past Tokai. So long route riders squeezed into a shorter time frame, which was fine until entrant numbers started picking up again. Edit - did a bit of googling. 2015 the last group started at 10h00, 2024 the last group (long distance) starts at 8h57. Sure there were more entrants in 2015 but can't help but feel these changes were not made with rider safety in mind.
  11. So what’s changed then? Why are they cramming 400 people in when that wasn’t the case before? Have they changed the way the seeding process at all or still the same formula?
  12. It will. Might feel a bit much but should be good.
  13. just for fun. 2013 had 31666 finishers $ elite = 141 %ladies = 29 VA (subvets 30+) = 111 (probably same start) VB (vets 40+) = 85 VM(masters 50+) = 47 #( racing tandem) = 70 A batch = 270 B batch = 343 C =389 D batch = 412
  14. I fit my tyres onto 36mm ID rims. Walked into the garage this evening only to notice I fit the rear tyre back to front. Tried to peel it off to fix the mistake. Ja. That tyre will NOT let go of the bead. 2.25 at the back, 2.35 up front. I'm thinking I'll attack it with the wife's hairdryer in the morning to add some heat to soften the bead. Failing which I'm riding that tyre back to front then.
  15. Guys hey leaving this lekker late - anyone got space for 2 bikes to CPT from Krugersdorp / JHB ?
  16. I refuse to plak stickers on my bike or helmet. I don't want pichas and the tannie at the chute maar build a bridge and get over it. I must admit to quietly shaking my head at people riding around in the weeks leading up to the big day with those photographer stickers on their helmets. Clearly the bike gets dusted off the in weeks leading up to race day after going into long term hibernation on the second Monday of March every year.
  17. @DieselnDust feel free to get in touch if you're after a super durable option.
  18. Thanks @cadenceblur my ad had expired... https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/sensors-mounts-and-accessories/699004/garmin-varia-mount-cnc-machined
  19. No dog in this fight , as I don’t start with the racing snakes, maybe one day…. but the “organizing” of earlier starts really irks me, especially if it’s people that will literally only start with the earlier group and then just get caught anyway!
  20. It gets easier the more you do it. Key, for me, was to trust the plan over time… there’s no shortcut when doing it as a newbie. I have a few factors forcing me to run a bit more and cycle less.
  21. Would a 2.6" tyre be fine on a 30id rim?
  22. For the last 5 years I regularly rode the trails in and around Stellenbosch with an old 26er full suspension bike circa 2008. I recently made up my mind on upgrading to a 29er, but was hesitant as hard tails were all I could afford if I wanted to buy new. I then came across the Trek Roscoe 7 which is now on special for R20k, and so I decided to take the plunge. After the very first ride on the bike, I was sold! Mountain bikes have come a long way in the last 16 years, and all the small improvements more than make up for the loss of rear suspension for me.
  23. Agree on the Tour de PPA - don't think it made much of the difference, seems like everyone in B to C were already in the racing vets groups even before the event. On the front groups, no, it wasn't this big. Its hard to compare with previous years because the organisers played around with formats. At one point they had smaller groups with smaller (like 30 second gaps) between them. It was also real hard to get into the racing vets, before the fires/storms cycle tours often a finish time of 2h50 would not be good enough to get you into racing vets the next year. I pretty much get the impression the organisers all but abandoned the concept of vet racing groups. I am real worried about chaotic starts, its not just about people getting dropped on Edinburgh, its going to be real important not to be blocked by the masses getting dropped on Edinburgh, so starting aggressively is the only way. Not thrilled by this but at least we know what we are in for.
  24. The group was bigger than 280 before the PPA race.
  25. I was curious so want back all the way to 2016. Most of the front groups didn’t get more than 280. Most were 220ish. So whatever point you’re making isn’t true. the groups have definelty not been this big
  26. Friend of mine ran a 3h06 at N4 Trac Elands marathon. How do I break it to him that his efforts are in vain as it isn't recognised as a Comrades qualifying race
  27. My OneUp v2 just cost me R350 in parts to service myself after a year of not really caring for it that much. Didnt really need it, just thought id spoil it haha. I agree with @BaGearA. I also own a Bikeyoke revive from 2020. It has never been opened, still works flawlessly. That self bleed valve business is the best thing ever and it literally takes longer to take your multitool out to do it. if I had to ship something somewhere to get it serviced i’d bin it😅 im also of the opinion that if you run something like the lyne ones you can almost run it in its moer for 2 years or more without servicing and just buy a new one. They are basically cheap enough.
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