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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone else using an Android phone to record Strava tracks? I'm all out of ideas trying to get this working properly. My old Sony used to work perfectly for this years ago, it gradually started having a tough time recording tracks and I needed a new phone anyway so I specifically went for a Ulefone Armor 8 with Android 10 for cycling/paddling etc since it's pretty much bulletproof and has a nice big battery. The GPS connects instantly and the tracks seem to be quite accurate but almost every ride it disconnects/loses signal and I'm left with long straight lines in my tracks and many lost km's. It's not only Strava that does this, OSM Tracker and a few other apps I've tried all record the same messed up tracks so it has to be a phone/GPS issue. I've read some troubleshooting guides and I can't think of anything I haven't tried... Location is enabled. Strava/OSM Tracker have permission to use location. Battery saver is off. Battery Manager is off. Strava/OSM Tracker are not optimised in Settings>Apps>Special App Access>Battery Optimisation. Is there anything I'm missing? Edit: Also tried GPS Locker and Wakelock apps
  2. This looks like a very interesting concept. A cycling computer based on Android, the usual lot of functions, proper navigation, etc. Maybe a good candidate to rattle the cage a little bit I am not going to repeat all the details here. Below is the link to the website and a Preview by DC Rainmaker. What are your thoughts? https://www.hammerhead.io/pages/karoo
  3. Hi all, For the last couple of months I've been having trouble with the LiveTrack function on my devices (520 and 935). The LiveTrack session "starts", but sometimes stops unexpectedly with resuming or ending the session without the activity being ended. Who else has had something similar happen to them? Using a Samsung S9 on MTN, latest software on all hardware.
  4. Morning all, To those who use the Tacx Utility app, have you noticed that the Calibration option has been removed with the latest update? Comments in the Play Store about this c0ckup are plentiful. How do I calibrate my trainer now? I do calibrate the trainer in TR after a 10 minute warmup, but experience proves that the trainer must be calibrated in the Utility app after a warmup.
  5. I always had to wait to get to a PC to upload my ride, obviously useless on a stage race or in the bush but I found and loaded Edgescope. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.fulvio.edgescope The blurb: Edgescope is an Android application to view activity data from any Garmin Edge GPS through the USB cable, simply get a micro OTG cable and upload and share your ride. It can load activity .fit files directly from your Edge device or from the file system. It shows main activity information, as well as the graphs and the map. You can also upload your activity on Garmin Connect and Strava sites from Edgescope. My experience: This free app has been a revelation, after my workout/ride I simply connect my Garmin to my phone via a OTG mico USB cable and select the workout from the Garmin. I can then view my ride through a simple summary screen: It is then possible to upload to Strava and Garmin connect by simply touching the screen. Additional screens show your route on a map (similar to a Strava map): or you can review the graphs of your speed, altitude or heart rate. It takes about 30 seconds to upload after a ride, so it's possible to do while waiting for the post ride coffee to arrive. But to do this you will need to carry the OTG cable on your ride. 10g extra weight. Once you upload to Strava, all the additional Strava functionality becomes available, as if you have used your smartphone. With one huge exception. ALL your data is loaded, accurately, not like the phone app where you are given extra metres climbing. I've used Edgescope since February, I can really recommend it if you have an Android phone and a Garmin Edge GPS.
  6. Anyone tech savvy enough to explain (as simply as possible) how I can export ride data from garmin 910xt on to my Samsung phone (Note 4) and ultimately onto garmin connect I understand that most phones these days, including mine, has an ANt+ receiver built in. My question is how do I use it so I can hopefully seamlessly get data from watch onto garmin connect? I have had a read on the net but cannot find a simple understandable explanation.
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