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Found 10 results

  1. Yesterday I attmpted my second 94.7 Cycle Challenge and tried the weirdest Nutritional Supplement. A friend of mine gave me three boiled baby potatoes and said I should have them instead of Chocs or race food. The funny thing is... It was awesome. What are your thoughts? or weird and wonderful ride nutrition
  2. I have a client who is blind and amazingly has her own business and participates in various sporting events. She needs help, below is taken from the Facebook post yesterday (which was also shared on a few community groups). The riding companion can be either male or female. Jessica can be reached directly on info@jwspa.co.za or 082 440 3316: I am the Admin of this FB page, here to tell you about Jessica Green Grib who is the owner of Jessica's Wellness Studio and independent distributor of Annique and Tupperware products, with her own online store www.jwspa.co.za. This is her amazing story, featured in today's Roodepoort Record: "Visually impaired cyclist, Jessica Grib, is looking for a partner to cycle with her at the annual Wilro Lions Cycle Challenge. The 36-year-old has already started training for the 5 November competition at the Aspire Strength and Conditioning Gym, with the help of Jacques Peche and Charmaine Michael. Jessica needs a tandem bicycle and a pilot, that is, someone who will take the lead seat as they cycle the race." LINK TO ARTICLE: http://roodepoortrecord.co.za/2017/09/11/a-wish-to-cycle-the-wilro-challenge/
  3. I have always enjoyed the Hub, and the variety of interests and the various thread topics is something to be admired. HOWEVER, the way the guys/gals come together to work towards a outcome is worthy of praise!! Without trying to cut out the angelic work done from time to time, of which the newest thread is run by 2Bliss (https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169450-please-help-a-preemie/page-6?hl=pre&do=findComment&comment=3180134), here's a breakdown of the fund raisers riding the 94.7. *Disclaimer, by no means is this a closed list. But merely the ones I found on a quick search. Please add as you come across them. PS. Personally I am riding for the Bulldog Rescue Angels Telkom 947 Challenge: Bulldog Rescue Angels https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/168207-telkom-947-challenge-bulldog-rescue-angels/ Ride the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge for Ruth First Memorial Trust (Jeppe High School for Girls)https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/167860-ride-the-telkom-947-cycle-challenge-for-ruth-first-memorial-trust-jeppe-high-school-for-girls/ SPCA - an EASY sms is needed...please help...?!https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169161-spca-an-easy-sms-is-neededplease-help/ Ride the 947 for Barking Armyhttps://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169393-ride-the-947-for-barking-army/ Need riders for 94.7 charity https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169591-need-riders-for-947-charity/ Cycling the 947 for underprivileged students-make a small contribution and get a FREE repair stand!https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/169609-cycling-the-947-for-underprivileged-students-make-a-small-contribution-and-get-a-free-repair-stand/?source=lfp
  4. Hi all, I'll be riding this year's 947 for the Endangered Wildlife Trust. The Endangered Wildlife Trust has asked each rider to create a GivenGain page. This gets linked directly to the charity so any money donated goes directly to them. If anyone would like to back my cause, you can find my GivenGain page here: My page: https://www.givengain.com/ap/ewt/ EWT's campaign: https://www.givengain.com/cause/2347/campaigns/17164/ Please feel free to pass the link on to anybody who'd be interested in supporting the Endangered Wildlife Trust (even if they pick another rider)
  5. shaper

    Telkom 94.7

    So I see Telkom are the new sponsors of the 94.7 http://www.cyclechallenge.co.za/
  6. Hi Guys As most of you would know, the idea behind the Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge is to raise funds for charities and other great causes. This year I opted to join Team NSPCA in support of the National Council of the SPCA and its bid to #RideForAnimals. If you would like to show your support by donating directly to the NSPCA's cause, you are welcome to do so through the following link, https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/stey..., or by simply sms'ing 947-39 to 38018. Thanks for your support!!! If you are riding for a charity in this years M947CC, Kudos to you!!!
  7. Team BiBi Rouge is a cycling team started by a local fashion line called BiBi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy, as an initiative to help raise funds for different charities through cycling. As you might know, the 94.7 Cycle Challenge is coming up shortly, and Team BiBi Rouge will use this opportunity to raise money to help stop dog fighting in townships. To do this, some of the lovely men in our team have volunteered to be sponsored to ride the whole 100km race in pink Tutu's! To sponsor one or more of the men, you can click the link below and choose your amount from R10 to R1000. These guys need motivation to look fabulous for the biggest cycle race in Joburg, so we appreciate any donation! Dog fighting claims the lives of hundreds of innocent dogs every day, both bread for fighting, but also stolen from homes as live bait. We feel this is a huge problem in South Africa that urgently needs to be attended to in order to stop innocent animals being mauled and killed for entertainment. There is a serious lack of funds for this as court cases need to be held against the dog fighting rings as well as cars, staff and food used to help confiscate the dogs. We really do appreciate any donation big or small, so please share this so that your friends and family can help too! You can click on this link to donate or you can buy a cycling key ring that will donate R20 to the fund http://www.sabrinakennedy.co.za/shop.php#!/BiBi-Rouge-Charity/c/5924020/offset=0&sort=priceDesc THANKS
  8. Does anyone know which upcoming races (Road/MTB) are seeding events for the 2015 947 Cycle Challenge?
  9. Guest

    How primitive...

    I would expect any mass participation event to have their entries available to the most used platform by now.
  10. So I rencently had a SS bike built up for commuting (and doing this year's 94.7 Cycle Challenge).It's +/-1980's Sancini Cinelli road frame, sprayed matt black with a matt clear coat. We used black components as far as possible and silver where we had trouble finding black. SR Suntour SS Chainset with Integrated Chain Guard and black rims with silver spokes. I wanted bullhorn bars, but we had trouble finding ones that fit the stem, so we ended up flipping and chopping off drops. 42T-18TThanks to Glen Abraham (Bikes & Bicycles) for sourcing all the components and building the bike to my specifications! I can really recommend him.I love technology and gadgets and find projects such as Revolights (http://revolights.com) and Project Aura (http://aurabicycles.com) really cool. Unfortunately they are also very expensive. So I set out to build my own wheel lights using a couple of red and white LEDs. I think it turned out pretty awesome for a first prototype.Posted some pics on Google+ https://plus.google....sts/UyKGLWbuq7A
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