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Found 8 results

  1. I'm looking at getting a pair of the Crankbrothers Stamp 2 metal flat pedals for MTB. I'd love to get some feedback on them or recommendations of other brands in the R1000 region that are better suited/comparable!
  2. Good Morning Hubbers! I have a pair of Greg Minnaar Hellcat Pro Clipless shoes. (Those pimp white ones) I am getting a pair of Flat Pedals delivered in this week, and want to try and make the switch and see how I manage without being planted to the bike permanently. I am in need of some "Cleat Plate Covers" like these ones: http://forums.mtbr.com/attachments/apparel-protection/1069549d1462961488t-five-ten-hellcat-plate-ciovers-801901.jpg http://forums.mtbr.com/attachments/apparel-protection/1069550d1462961562t-five-ten-hellcat-plate-ciovers-bottom.jpg It would be mighty fine if I could find some of these original ones to purchase online somewhere. Alternative option is to make some myself out of Pratley Frogs Eggs (Hand Mould-able Plastic) But I would follow up on any leads to get these originals. Cheers, Burgermeester \M/
  3. I've been meaning to get into road cycling for a while now and, now that I have my own road bicycle, I'm worried about getting flats. I haven't ridden it yet as I've had no time for that. But I've seen these set of tires online that everyone seems to praise due to their resistance to sharp objects such as thorns and broken glass. How well do they work on the roads of South Africa? I ride a lot in the Waterkloof, Pretoria area, for reference.
  4. Hi, Can anyone recommend Ladies riding shoes for flat pedals? I ride with Spec 2F0's want something similar but for a Lady and not 2F0 because mine are already falling apart they're really good but for that price I feel they should last longer. Thank you
  5. Is anybody using a pair of Adidas Terrex Trail Cross shoes as daily shoes? I have been a Merrel Chameleon Slam fan for a number of years but after a few pairs it's time for a change. Been looking around for a while now. Not into the Salamon trail shoes and there isn't anything that has caught my eye except the Adidas Terrex. I know that they are marketed as biking/hiking shoes but was wondering how they fared when given walking duties... http://demandware.edgesuite.net/sits_pod14-adidas/dw/image/v2/aagl_prd/on/demandware.static/Sites-adidas-MLT-Site/Sites-adidas-products/en_PT/v1463098581568/zoom/AF5967_01_standard.jpg?sw=500&sfrm=jpg
  6. Howzit guys, Any advice on the new Five Ten Freerider contact shoes? Need to get some decent shoes for flat pedals for all mountain riding here in Stellenbosch. http://www.fiveten.com/us/freerider-contact-black-red Any advice would be appreciated on this shoe or any other Five Ten shoe. Dawels
  7. Max Klein's prototype pedal and shoe system hasn't been designed to replace either platform or clipless pedals, but rather be a third alternative for riders who might benefit from a different approach. It's that interface that sets the Klein Designs pedal apart, with its wild looking honeycomb pattern that is said to create a connection that allows the rider to easily attach and detach, as well as be able to adjust their foot position on the fly. http://brimages.bikeboardmedia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/klein-designs-shoe-pedal-bee-hive-concept-2.jpg The novel layout came about after Klein, who has a motocross background, started to get into mountain biking and found that he didn't want to be locked into his pedals as securely as a clipless system holds, but that he did want a more secure connection than a standard platform pedal could provide. http://brimages.bikeboardmedia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/klein-designs-shoe-pedal-bee-hive-concept-3.jpg Klein and a friend sat down to sketch out a number of ideas, including removable sections of shoe soles, but it was the honeycomb pedal shown here that they say made the most sense to them. ''With the design of the shoe sole and the pedal to fit like a puzzle,'' Klein explained, ''the rider can still pedal the bike while feeling for the grooves to fit in rather than searching for the small cleat of a clip-in shoe.'' That's some out of the box thinking from someone who was outside of the cycling industry if I've ever seen it. http://brimages.bikeboardmedia.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/klein-designs-kickstarter.jpg The prototype pedal shown here is just that, a rough prototype that could change in shape before reaching production, and Klein also stressed that they will likely see some reliefs cut into the body for weight reduction. http://ep1.pinkbike.org/p5pb12691238/p5pb12691238.jpg As interesting and novel as Klein's design is, even the most openminded of people are going to have a few questions, with one of the most pressing being shoe compatibility. The design means that pedal and shoe need to be used together as a system, something that will complicate matters on the production side of things, although Max did say he was speaking with a few different shoe companies about this. A company like Five Ten producing the shoe would be the best case scenario, and he'd like the pedals and shoes to be sold as a kit for around $275 USD, a reasonable price for both items together. A concern of mine would be how the pedal and shoe connection changes as the soles wear over time, and it might mean that Klein has to consider replaceable soles, a service that is actually already available for some shoes. http://enduro-mtb.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/kickstarter-profile-780x585.jpg And what about float? A small amount of flex in the rubber shoe soles would provide a bit movement, but the interlocking nature of the pedal and shoe system would mean that there would essentially be no float in the traditional sense. Klein told me that he's looking to incorporate a float system into the pedal and bearing layout, likely using a patented design that's already on the market, which should address cranky knees and ankles. They're also still tweaking the shape of the lugs used on the sole, with the possibility of a cap-like shape being employed that could provide a bit more retention. http://ep1.pinkbike.org/p5pb12691244/p5pb12691244.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=13&v=T6XSA5Uqw5U Article by Mike Levy from Pinkbike. Images from pinkbike.com, bikerumour.com, singletrackworld.com, enduro-mtb.com, thegadgetflow.com and vitalmtb.com Back the project website
  8. Hey Guys So not sure if i made a mistake, beginner here! So i have been riding with my nike training shoes and they were not comfy so i went out and bought a pair of Specialized entry level MTB shoes The question is can i use these MTB shoes on my Flats, or did i just waste money I don't want to get into the whole debate clip less or not and personally i don't know wether or not i will go the clip less route(time will tell) But for now do I ride with the MTB shoes on my flats or return them before its too late
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