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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys, Has anyone else encountered rusting on the Tickr belt clips? I took mine off yesterday, and noticed that one of the 'button clips' have rusted and broken completely off. The strap is just shy of a year old now, so i expect normal wear and tear, but a complete failure seems odd?
  2. Hi Hubbers Last weekend at Around the Pot something strange happened for the first time. Due to some mechanicals in the first 20km we chased back to the main waterpoint at 100km to try and make up some time. The last 20km I did a lot of the work in front with a head wind, and didn't drink and eat enough as I usually do (my mistake). As soon as we stopped at the 100km waterpoint and I climbed off my bike, I felt something strange happening inside my chest. Personal info: - 32 years old, fit - Training consistently 10 hours p/week (2 x HIIT sessions p/week for the last 2 years) with recovery in between (training balance) - Avg 6 rides p/week - Max HR 197 - Resting HR 49 - 165cm, 64kg - Don't take any medication (haven't been sick in probably +9 months) - Logged 7274 km to date (2018) Back at the waterpoint I started feeling light headed. As soon as I looked at my HR monitor, my HR was around 192 - 201. It didn't want to come down. Chest felt weird as like the Heart was in a panic mode. 10min later we went over the river and on the other side as we went out with a easy group, the HR went up to 209. Told my partner something is definitely wrong and we stopped, standing still for around 5min next to our bikes. In that 5min the HR didn't come down lower than 182. We pulled the plug right there. Went back to the waterpoint to our support and in total it took about 20min for the HR to calm down and return to normal. Last week Friday I saw a Cardiologist, Dr Corbett in Panorama. They did a ECG and sonar of the HR. The conclusion: Heart is perfect with no damage to muscles/chambers. The effort might have just been to much with dehydration etc playing a role. Did some easy HIIT classes again last week which were normal, and HR recovering normal in between sets. This morning went for a ride outside (in the wind) and one section pushed HR between 170 -181 for around 15min consistently. As soon as I stopped in Stellenbosch it happened again, HR up for about 10min before calming down. Has this happened with anybody else? Any idea what would cause this?
  3. Hi World of cycling, I am desperate.. no beyond desperate.. at the point of hauling my heavy kickr out the window. No more patience. I need help... please. The issues: - my training program is on training peaks (TP) - i use wahoo kickr for indoor training - my heart rate monitor is garmin - cadence is wahoo cadence monitor Issue: How do I get all of these things to work TOGETHER? After many hours I have managed to sync TP to Rouvy Mobile App which also now has picked up my cadence but cant seem to pick up my HR? and somehow the training session is displayed in %FTP and not watts? How do I change this? Is this a TP issue rather than Rouvy setting? All I want it is my TP session, on my kickr, reading watts (not %FTP), with my HR and cadence reading. Why does this seem to be such a challenge?? SECOND ISSUE something is veeeeeery wrong with the kickr. My program has me at a warmup of 100 -120 watts (this is being read from the TP scheduled workout so I am not on erg mode, I am using rouvy) but i am struggling to ride. i reckon the watts are probably around 180. is this a calibration issue. Any guidance would be highly appeciated, otherwise going to trade this kickr for a watt bike, Thanks
  4. Hello Hubbers. I searched the forums and read every title and some posts under "triathlon", "watch" and "gps" and while some discuss triathlon training watches etc, they were very specific and beyond my understanding or scope. The goal is get more active in offroad duo/triathlons and perhaps later if logistics allows, road triathlons and eventually 70.3. Currently, my cycling training happens with my phone in a saddle bag and recording it on strava, so route, gradients, speeds and elevation are the information points available, with the Sigma bike computer giving cadence while cycling. I usually go running without it so have no frame of reference besides guestimates of distance on google and own timing. Swimming has been on hold until I can find affordable & safe pool access. TL:DRI'm in the market for a watch that can be used primarily for distance (if possible), active time, running pace (if possible) HR and GPS tracking while running, cycling and swimming. A watch with good constant gps battery life (if there is such a watch, maybe gps sleep mode while sleeping?) and android/samsung syncing capabilities will get massive preference, but anything else like vitality link up, step counters, VO2 max, watts, north point etc or message/call/appointment alers are considered non-Vital bonusses. The budget, while preferred as low as possible (R2000 and under, new or used), is largely dependant on the value that lies in the watches and avoid unecessary expenditure later with upgrading or replacement. I've looked at several products like the Garmin Vivosport, Vivosmart (gps version) and 735XT, Fitbit Charge 2, Polar M430, TomTom Spark 3, Huawei Band 2 Pro, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro (terrible battery apparently).
  5. A friend got a corporate invite to ride Dusi2c, and asked me to help kit him out with everything he needs to get riding, get fit and get ready for the event. I could guide him on most bits, but when it comes to GPS units, I'm as in the dark as he is (I use Strava on my phone, turn it on, forget about it until I finish my ride, and upload my ride). There is an oldish thread here on le Hub, but it's not very definitive. I'm partial to the Garmin Fenix 3 HR, the downside being that it's on your wrist, and not on the bars in front of you, not great if having to follow a route, but how much route following is really done in these races, unless you're riding the Munga? Garmin, Polar, Bryton, Wahoo Help a guy out, what would you buy, and why? Help a guy out, what would you buy, and why?
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