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Found 8 results

  1. Assuming you have two weeks to travel overseas and experience the best in international cycling: Which event would you attend? Feel free to add something that might be even better than the options listed. PS. We are in the early stages of planning a trip for 2020 or 2021, but we don't know where we want to go. This is to give us some pointers.
  2. Hi Hubbers As BikeHub is our (South Africa's) biggest cycling forum. Which are the other major international cycling forums you are aware of? Cheers J
  3. 2019 Absa Cape Epic International Team Entry for SALE Cost: R83,900 (original cost R82,900 + change of 2 riders cost R1,000) Contact: sheri.foster@ualberta.net (from Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  4. Anyone ever used www.alltricks.com/? Prices appear competitive and they deliver internationally through courier services (from what I can tell), but wondering if anyone local has ordered from them, before placing an order of my own
  5. Hi Hubbers! Experience from being an active Hub user has taught me that many of you are doing imports on a regular basis, so perhaps someone can help a brother out (fellow Hubber). He ordered an item from Canada ey, and he was given a message to say that his package is in this country (arrived on the 8th April), BUT upon going to OR Tambo, the security (at international depot) told him that they don't allow anyone to go in and collect at the EMS counter anymore. There is a poster on the security house's window stating that as of Nov 2016 no collection at the counter. Supposedly the security phoned inside there, they got back to him saying he must go to his local post office which he did and, no parcel has arrived. Is he being anxious for no reason, is it still at customs clearance? Your feedback will be much appreciated! An expensive item being eagerly awaited!
  6. Zambian local Teams of Bikers are planning on a Street dust blowing for this September Ending, see details here http://bit.ly/2dazNxG, and http://bit.ly/2daA4ku http://us.123rf.com/450wm/Petrichuk/Petrichuk1501/Petrichuk150100006/35780729-almaty-kazakstan--may-01-2010-group-of-unknown-riders-in-action-at-adventure-mountain-bike-cross-cou.jpg?ver=6
  7. Last year in August/September 2 boys from Westville in KZN took on the rest of the world when they, along with a few other talented South Africans, were selected to represent their country at the 2015 World Championships in Andorra 2Bros Take on Addorra was by all accounts a well supported attempt to assist these guys in leaving a mark on the international stage and help them to achieve a goal. Many Hubbers stepped forward and offered support in the way of spare parts, much needed funding and moral support. The net result was a 15th for Jono and a 38th for Chris (who crashed twice in his race run) So..... what's been happening since then? Well.... a lot actually and at the same time, not enough.... The boys and their father have relocated to PMB to be close to where the action is and allow the boys to train at the WC track as well as ride Cascades and all the awesome mountain biking around the area every day. Mom is still living and working in Durban so they only get to hook up as a family on weekends. The results speak for themselves though. The hard work and sacrifice is paying off! Chris is home schooling to concentrate on training and racing and Jono is focusing full time on training and racing. 2Bros Racing is a brand. (Much like Atherton Racing and I am pretty sure that is where the idea came from. Marc can correct me if I am out of line). It does however leave the impression that they are a sponsored team. This is not the case. Couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that 2Bros Racing is a family concern that funds most of their requirements from the grocery budget with a little assistance from friends and family. They are riding dated equipment yet still kicking @ss and taking names. Imagine what they could achieve with the right tools........ Over the years there has been some generous assistance from some good people. These guys however are at the stage now where they need more that a few excess spare parts that came from someone's garage or a donation of a few hundred rand towards race entries and transport. They need proper sponsors! This is an opportunity to take your product/brand overseas and have it showcased by two very bright stars. These guys ARE that good. They have often been referred to as the next big thing in SA Downhill. I have a Sponsorship proposal that is unfortunately too big to upload. However if you know anybody that can assist these two guys or you are able to help in anyway, please PM me and I will send it to you via email. There is an opportunity here to help two rising stars! Really hoping that they can hook up with a few sponsors that can assist with equipment, travel, nutrition, clothing, etc. If we could finance the whole package, take some pressure off the family and help these guys achieve a dream that would be awesome! There was a lot of positive response from the gravity community last year. Here's hoping that we can follow through on some of those ideas Contact details are as follows: Website: 2Bros Racing They also have a face book page and if anybody wants to chat to Marc (Their Dad and Manager), please PM me and I will give you his contact details. PLEASE guys!!! Lets help these boys!!!!!
  8. Has anyone got experience with sending small items internationally without it costing a fortune? I had an idea that if I sent a small item (approx. 250grams in packaging) overseas it should cost a few hundred Rand. I have been getting quotes of up to R1200 which is insane! Can anyone recommend a cheaper alternative? Preferably not one that takes 6 weeks.
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