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Found 7 results

  1. RAPIDE HAVE MADE IT ONTO PINKBIKE https://www.pinkbike.com/news/rapide-introduces-the-versatile-tigre-steel-hardtail-frame.html
  2. Each 4130 chromoly tube has been custom shaped and butted specially for us by our tube makers. Horizontally ovalized seat stays provide vertical compliance, traction and vibration absorption, while delivering extra lateral stiffness for enhanced power transfer efficiency. The seat tube is an oversized diameter to provide a stiff and efficient peddling platform and core to the frame. It visibly tapers to accommodate the seat post. The oversized down tube is multi-butted for strength and weight. Both the top and down tubes are reinforced at the headtube for extra strength. The double butted top tube is shaped to provide vibration absorption and rigidity around the seat cluster. The top tube is dropped for extra stand over clearance. It allows the rider extra space for positioning themselves. The forged tapered head tube provides a rigid structure to the forks to enhance handling and uses a Zero Stack headset for ease of setup and reliability. This also means the down tube can be attached to the head tube lower down to provide better support to the head tube which in turn enhances steering accuracy. The new LSL (Long, Slack, Low) geometry provides incredible short stem/wide bar handling and has been developed to accommodate forks up to 140mm travel for full trail taming potential. The frame design is optimized for a 35mm stem length on all frame sizes for incredible confidence inspiring handling in all terrain, uphill, on the flats and downhill. The long frame design and low mounted dual bottle cages on all sizes produces a low centre of gravity for stable handling and allows for plenty of space for frame bags. The drive side chain stay employs a plate system for massive tyre and chainring clearance without adding unwanted length or complexity. This also allows 6mm offset chainrings to be used even with boost spaced rear hubs. The precision CNC’d sliding dropouts mean any tyre up to 29″ x 3″ wide can be accommodated and allows the chain stay length to be set to suit rider size and desired handling characteristics. Sliding dropouts are also the perfect way to tension the chain when the Tigré is configured as a single speeder. The BB is a conventional 73mm threaded design for easy availability and reliability. An ISCG 05 mount is provided for versatility; chain guides and bash guards can easily be fitted. External cable routing for derailleur and brakes, internal or external cable routing for stealth dropper posts. There are virtually no restrictions to tyre choice - the Tigré can fit 29er tyres up to 29er Plus 3″ (75mm) wide with plenty of clearance. While primarily designed for 29er wheels the Tigré can easily accommodate 650b plus tyres and wheels up to 3″ wide as well. The Tigré can accommodate 142 x 12 and boost 148 x 12 hubs to fit without adapters or fiddling around. Simply fit your wheels, choose the correct thru axle length and ride. We offer both a 142 x 12 and 148 x 12 thru axle at time of purchase or as spares. By designing the Tigré with a 145mm spaced rear end and developing the sliding dropouts with chamfers and tweaked thru axle threads each side of the frame can flex inward or outward 1.5mm to accommodate both hub standards with ease. The frame is designed around 1 x single chainring drivetrains and will work with boost and standard thru axle rear hubs and chainrings/cranks. Maximum chainring size is 36t oval or 38t round with a 3mm or 6mm offset. To say we are excited is an understatement. We wanted to produce a frame that’s both super versatile, competitively priced and great quality. To this end the Tigré has been safety and durability tested to ISO4210 standards with all test being carried out on a single test frame rather than each test protocol being run on separate frames Wayne Levet, owner of Rapidé and the brain behind the Tigré   Key Features:LSL (Long, Slack, Low) geometry provides incredible short stem/wide bar handling Can accommodate tyres up to 29 x 3.0” Compatible with 142 x 12, and 148 x 12 boost hubs Accommodates forks up to 140mm travel Comes with headset, rear thru axle, and set clamp Custom shaped and specially butted 4130 chromoly tubes Horizontally ovalized seat stays for vertical compliance Multi butted and oversized down tube for strength and weight Reinforced top and down tubes at the headtube for extra strength Double butted top tube shaped to provide vibration absorption and rigidity around the seat cluster Dropped top tube provides extra stand over clearance Forged tapered head tube provides rigid structure to the forks to enhance handling Zero Stack headset for ease of setup and reliability Precision CNC’d sliding dropouts Conventional 73mm threaded BB ISO4210 tested for safety and durability Optimized for 35mm stem length on all frame sizes External cable routing for derailleur and brakes, internal/external cable routing for stealth dropper posts Maximum chainring size 36t oval or 38t round with 3mm or 6mm offset The Tigré is currently on sale for R9,599.00. Available in metallic red, pearl white and matt black, and in sizes medium, large and extra-large. Geometry Geometry with a rigid fork. Geometry with a 100mm fork. Geometry with a 120mm fork. Geometry with a 140mm fork.
  3. Hey Guys, I have dented my rear Rapidé rim quite badly. Do you think its worth trying to fix it or should I just have it replaced ? Thanks for your help, James
  4. Rapidé TR27-27 Trail Racer Wheelset 650b I was looking for a new wheelset for my bike and came across the Rapidé website, I saw the wheels posted a few times on Bikehub. I could not find out much about them other than what was on the website. So after a lot of questions to them on their web chat, I decided to go for it and buy a set. Firstly I need to make it clear that I am in no way receiving any benefits from Rapidé whatsoever and I bought the wheels at their marketed prices, nor do I have any vested interest with them. This review is completely independent. That out the way, Wayne advised me that the best set for my bike would be the 27mm internal rims as I also purchased the Maxis Minion DHF & DHR from them. Payment was made and within a short time I had the courier knocking on my door with my new wheels all neatly boxed up. First impressions Out the box they were solid and very well built, rim tape and valves included. The rims are solid and have a deep bead to grip the tyres. The hubs are their own branded version of the Novatec D791SB/D792SB hubs with their spec of bearings etc. Novatec hubs have been around for ages and are well known. Nice solid little workhorses. They also come in thru axle and QR so will fit any non boost bike. (Rapidé also have a boost hub available) Fitting So rim tape and valves already fitted, all that was needed was to fit the tyres and throw in some sealant. The tyres fit very snug and the beading grips them very well. They went on well with a quick blast on the compressor and a loud pop. No issues whatsoever. The free hub was a perfect fit for the Shimano SLX 11 sp cassette and for the SRAM people there is a compatible free hub for you too. These guys really have thought of everything. Wheels fitted (Pyga Pascoe 140 650b), I headed off to my favourite trails at Karkloof. It is important to note that I am a very average rider who tends to crash his way through things than float over the top. In other words, I’m hard on my wheels. Now for those of you who ride at Karkloof you will know the trails I’m mentioning are relatively technical and pretty tough on wheels and tyres alike. On the Trails The first trail was The Batchelor which was part of last year’s Enduro stage. With my crash through riding and poor line selection, a few drop offs and rock gardens and a jump line later, I survived and the wheels performed well. Nice and stiff and a feeling of control through my chaos. Next up was Sid Vicious, an appropriately named trail. This trail is just one long rock garden from top to bottom. It has challenging lines and a great place to rip a tyre and buckle a rim. Again the wheels just did their job without any hassles. This is a wheelset review, but oh my how well the Maxis Minions performed. Because of the deep bead on the rims, I was able to run the tyres at 1.5bar through this trail with no burps or issues. The last torture trail was the recently opened Puff Adder Pass. This is one tough trail with very little time to get any momentum, its pedal all the way up, down, up and through one rock garden after the next. Again a flawless performance from the wheels. I also spent my December leave riding most of the other trails at Karkloof the wheels held up well, rolled smoothly and always engaged when required. All in all I must say, for the price point vs quality and functionality, you won’t find too many better deals on the market. As you can see from the bike I ride weight is not an issue when you ride technical trails and have all your fun downhill. I would recommend these wheels if you are like me who does not have deep pockets but loves to ride. It would be good to see future reviews on these wheels from other riders who have them. To see the specs check out their website www.rapide.co.za. The fast and friendly service is an absolute pleasure work with.
  5. Hi Hubbers I've been reading topics for a while and have yet to post something but I think I've come across something that needs your help. I am looking at new hubs for a 2015 Giant Trance 27.5 2. I bought a set of WTB KOM i23 rims and am looking to build a nice trail wheelset. Some info that I think is relevant: Weight: 78kg Riding style: Trail, aggressive XC and marathon I noticed that The Rapidé Ultralight Hubs are incredibly competitively priced and I am quite interested in a set. Obviously Hope/Chris King are tried and trusted but I am quite keen on supporting lical particularly if it is a bargain and good quality. Does anyone have any experience with Rapidé hubs?
  6. Hi all This has probably been asked allot, but what size deraileur cage would be best for 11-42T cassette on a 10spd setup. I am currently riding a 1x10 setup with normal 11-36 cassette and 30T crank blade, but would like to get a rapide 11-42T cassette for the bigger climbs and change my crank blade from 30T to 32T to add a little bit of speed. Currently using a Shimano XT (Clutch) medium cage deraileur. Is this to short for that extra stretch or would a long cage work better? Any thoughts info here would really help. Thanks!! Link to rapide sunrace cassette http://www.rapide.co.za/product/wide-range-10-speed-cassette/
  7. Kevlouw

    Rapide 780mm

    So I was following the comments recently in the classified section for the Rapide 780mm handlebar. It was selling for only R250, which was already unbelievable, but it sounded almost too good to be true. The general feedback was that its a good bar, at a very good price. I decided to get one this week, and this is the reason I'm posting this. Not because of the bar itself, but because of the service I got from Rapide. On Wednesday I mailed them to ask if they had stock. A consultant named Wayne informed me that they have 2 in stock, and I asked that he keep one. I was surprised to hear that he would. It only got better from here... Yesterday morning I made the purchase, the price was R279 which was fine. On the website, you can choose between shipping methods. Same day shipping, next business day or general courier. All of them at different costs. I chose general shipping, which is about R50 or so, and I assume it's 2-3 working days, depending on where it is couriered to. To my surprise, while still at the office yesterday, the bar was delivered. Without adding additional courier charges or something like that. All of the above is why I'm posting this. To praise the service from Rapide. So often it happens that customer service lets a company down, but what I experienced yesterday, will make return to Rapide for whatever time and time again. Thanks
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