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Found 5 results

  1. Seeing as there are no Maxxis DHR II or Agressor tyres in 29er 2.3" in the country I'm looking for feedback on the following two tyres as a rear tyre on an enduro/trail bike! I'm also open to other recommendations! Most of my riding is done on dry hard pack, rock gardens, loose rocks and roots. Predominantly in Tokai as well as Hoogekraal, Contermanskloof, Jonkershoek etc. Grip is important but I still want the tyre to roll fast! I'm currently running a DHF upfront! I was looking at the Specialized Eliminator 29x2.3" with a grid trail casing and T7 rubber compound as well as the Schwalbe Hanz Dampf 29x2.35" in a super trail/super gravity casing and the addix soft rubber compound! Would love to hear your experiences and feedback with these tyres?
  2. Hello all, Didn't think it will be a struggle and hopefully not a long shot, but would anybody know where one can get 18" tubes and tires? Many thanks!
  3. I’ve been itching to try out some new tires lately, but I have been having a pretty hard time getting my current set worn out to the point where I feel it justifies replacing them. They have lasted a fair bit longer than most other tires I’ve owned. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome tires, I just want to experiment with a different kind of tire. Anyway, this got me thinking. How long do the various types of tires generally last? I know the terrain you’re riding will play a large role in how long your tires last but then the type of tire you ride should generally match your terrain as well. I thought it might be useful to collect some data on tire life vs km. To this end, if you want to be part of this database, please add some info on what tires you have run in the past, and how many kilometers you were able to put on each. I think the format below would suffice: Tyre: Brand, model, size Wheel size: i.e. 29er Km to date: Zero to whatever. Date installed: i.e. October 2015 Front/rear: Pretty obvious I guess Tube/tubeless: tubes or tubeless, if tubeless, which sealant do you use? Tread condition: 0 to 100 %, with comments if relevant. (0% = Zero knobs left. 50% = About half of tread used or fairly obvious tread damage. 100% = New) Sidewall condition: 0 to 100%, with comments if relevant (0% = Totally destroyed. 50% = Looking a bit floppy, but still usable. 100% = New) Ratio Singletrack - dirt road - tar road: i.e. 40-50-10 (this should add up to 100) Still in use/or cause of death: i.e. “Still in use” or “Sidewall cut at bead” or “started delaminating” I’ll put all the info into a database as it comes in. Given enough time I’m sure this will help us make some informed decisions on tire purchases.
  4. Hello fellow mountain bikers. I have read though many, MANY threads regarding mountain bike tyres, yet I am just as confused as before. In fact, I am probably more confused than ever before. What I have concluded is that its 50% preference, and 50% required riding type (terrain). With having said that, I am in search of advice for selecting the most appropriate tyres for me specifically. I live in Cape Town, and I ride mostly single track. I am 25, and weigh approximately 75kg (185cm tall). I am not a pro (no duh...), but I like to think I go pretty quickly down the single tracks, although I only started riding last year November. I ride a Large 2014 Giant Trance 02, which has a 650B 27.5" wheel-set. PLEASE NOTE: I am looking for Maxxis tyre options and combinations ONLY! If you are going to contribute to this thread, please comment with a combination of both front AND rear tyre options, rather than saying things like "aah, why Maxxis?", or "Continental is much better!" etc etc etc. I have used Continental's on my previous bike, and I am wanting to try out Maxxis tyres in particular, so please just accept that, and give me constructive advice... If any. Thank you in advance to those who find the time to give me genuine options and combinations Here is a photo of my exact bike below:
  5. What sets the Momsen apart from the standard Arisun is the development and use of a 120tpi (threads per inch) casing. Higher thread-count casings are lighter, more flexible and supple, and (usually) more expensive. The supple casing means that there should be more grip and traction, but does tend to sacrifice on tyre wear. The dual compound design features a harder 68A centre for slower wear and a softer 60A on the shoulder for better grip. At this stage it is only available in 29x2.20, but there are whispers of more sizes to follow. Weighing in at a very respectable 621 grams, actual weight (on my digital kitchen scale), it compares well with the competition of similar specification. The squarish, slotted block tread design features short, relatively close-spaced centre knobs with wider spaced knobs on the sides and shoulder. The sidewalls feature a 40TPI x 40TPI reinforcement which is visible when holding the tyre in hand - compared to a tyre with a thinner, weaker sidewall, the Momsen Mount Graham stays remarkably round with very little sag. On the Trail:I mounted the tyres to a set of American Classic Tubeless 29 wheels and converted them to tubeless using Stan's No Tubes sealant. They mounted easily and sealed first time using a Topeak JoeBlow Mountain floor pump. The 120TPI casing and tread pattern delivers a good combination of traction and speed. My first impression on the trail was of instant acceleration, coupled with low drag thanks to the supple casing and shallow tread pattern. The rounded profile means that you have to use your weight to get grip going around corners. The tyres also struggle to offer enough grip in muddy conditions, but this is true of most fast rolling, low profile XC tyres. A big positive is the stronger, sturdier sidewalls - especially at this weight. I could easily run pressures I wouldn't dream of on other race tyres without suffering from sidewall "collapse" out on the trail. It also makes for a puncture resistant design when combined with a tubeless sealant. Multi-day stage racers will appreciate this. After six months of use, I haven't suffered a single puncture or sidewall cut. I am more than happy to sacrifice ultimate weight weenie bragging rights for this reliability. Wear has been good and, more importantly, as the tyre has worn the performance and feel has stayed consistent and predictable. Verdict:As a tyre, regardless of price, the Mount Grahams performed well and manages to impress with it's blend of speed and traction in a fast rolling, low profile tyre. As a XC / Marathon tyre it is highly recommend and can even do duty as a rear trail tyre for all but the rainy season. Considering that it retails for under R500, it's "worth" shoots up even further. Momsen have given us a tyre that is light, durable and inexpensive - a rare find in an industry where one would usually have to settle for 2 out of 3 of those attributes. Specifications:Suggested retail: R450 Weight: 640g Size: 29 x 2.20 From the Manufacturer:- High Performance Tubeless Tyre - Developed for XC & Marathon Conditions - 120TPI carcass for less weight and a more supple ride - Tubeless bead for tubeless compatibility and excellent sealing - Dual compound tread surface
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