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Found 6 results

  1. Looking for a 2nd hand Wattbike, in good condition, Zwift compatible, not more than R50k. Thanks. Contact: george@outlook.com
  2. Good morning Hubland, This is a very particular query I have, but humour me. I started training with power in approx January 2017 in preparation for the then LeTape Tour. I continued training with power using a Wattbike in my (then) local VA. The crowded atmosphere in the VA detracted me so I decided to go the smart trainer route. Having now used the smart trainer for some weeks I can categorically say that the Wattbike and (this particular) smart trainer are not the same. The most simple away to distinguish between the two is my RPE. Put even simpler - it feels easier to do a certain wattage on my smart trainer than it did on the Wattbike. My HR is an indication of that too. I am aware HR has a lot of variables including temperature, how well you slept, how well you ate, how hydrated you remain etc. etc. I only used the "fan" setting on the Wattbike, only the magnet on the rare occasion when I had to go 350W+ for LOW cadence. Is it at all fair to compare the two? Should I just discount all my training I did on the Wattbike (in excess of 2500km)? Am I actually doing myself a disservice by using a smart trainer? Just to answer some questions I know will appear - I never (re)calibrated the Wattbike for each session (no clue how that was even done) I hardly ever used the exact same Wattbike due to space issues at the VA I always calibrate before my ride on my IDT I use the same bike each time (on the IDT) with about 7 bar pressure I calibrate using the Tacx Utility App and TrainerRoad Thanks for reading!
  3. Hi all hubbers! I've recently bought myself a pair of road shoes (triangle cleats underneath shoes) to use in the gym with their spinning and wattbikes. Which cleats should I fit on them to work on these bikes? I don;t want to change cleats everytime with my MTB shoes as they are LOOK cleats. As far as I know Shimano SPD pedals are used on gym bikes, but what cleats will I need for my road shoes? Hope this makes sense to you! Cheers
  4. Afternoon Hubbers! To those familiar with the Wattbike Hub app - has anyone taken the time to manually recreate these workouts on Garmin Connect? My main problem is my battery consumption once the cellphone is connected to the Wattbike; it drains the battery at a very rapid pace, so I prefer to have my Garmin Edge next to me with the workout loaded and I just follow it from here. Thanks!
  5. Hi All Interested to see what type of Wattbike or Power workouts everyone is doing. Perhaps in the following format: 1- Type of workout (VO2, Threshold etc) 2- Wattbike or power meter 3- Actual workout I will start with one of my favorites. 1- Threshold 2- Wattbike 3- Workout: 15 min warm-up - Z1, Z24 x 8 min sets @ 80-90% FTP. Every 2 min during each 8 min set surge to 160% of FTP for 5 seconds.10 min warm downLimp home
  6. Hey Guys, Quick question regarding ANT+ I looking to get a Garmin watch for the MRS - it is a run/bike watch with ANT+ The watch can connect with a SPD/CAD sensor. My question is - will I be able to link it with the PWR sensor from the Wattbike? Does ANT+ discriminate between what data is recorded? If I link my 910XT via the PWR sensor it still gives me CAD & SPD - so by that rational - connecting via the CAD sensor should still allow that data to be recorded, right? Please advise? PS: I will try to link the Wattbike via the CAD sensor tonight to if it will accept & record PWR data.
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