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Found 4 results

  1. Been looking around for quite a while now... I'm looking for a 120mm dual suspension bike that won't break the bank at 30k-ish and doesn't feel sluggish on the climbs -- weighing nothing more than 13,5kg... The best bike I could find was the Scott spark 940 2018 ... 120mm front and back , 13,3kg and coming in at around 35k , which is why I'm creating this post because 35k is just a bit high at the moment as I'm stiil trying to sell 10,5kg full carbon hartail for around that price range . Please go and check it out if you're interested Link: https://www.bikehub.co.za/index.php?app=hubmarket&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=350964&new=1 Any suggestions on a better bike than the scott that fits my specifications..?
  2. I have noticed that SA bike shops seem to only stock regular tubes. It seems like there are a lot more options available from international online vendors. Within the Continental range there are a few different specs. Some reviews have stated that the Continental Race 28 Supersonic is the cheapest and easiest way to reduce the total weight of a bike by 100g and, considering this weight is on the extremity of the wheels, it should make for a significant improvement in acceleration too. What are the pros and cons of lightweight tubes?
  3. Hi guys just looking for some advice - started riding 4 years ago ( mountain) for the last year and a half, moved over to more road riding, intermediate rider - average 23-27 km/h in races and race occasionally. I need some advice on upgrading my bike: at the moment riding a GT Series2 Chainwheel 50 x34 Rear 12 x 28 For argument sakes and the 2 bike I'm looking at : Merida Reacto 400 (Aero) Chainwheel - 52 x 36 Rear - 11 x 28 Merida Scultura 400 Chainwheel - 50 x 34 Rear - 11 x 28 Same components, almost same price - just different chain wheels? and obviously different designs, Would it be worth buying a Aero bike (because I like it) for someone who rides 1 -2 times a week, Id like to become stronger and faster but mostly riding for the love. and would it make any difference to my riding ? or just be more uncomfortable ? Any advice ?
  4. So a while back me and my dad decided to build a bike,after alot of speculation we agreed on a Carbon,duel-sus 29er with sram 2x10 parts. Thats where the hunt began and after a few weeks of crawling the hub and constantly refreshing the classifieds feed we finally got an amazing frame from a hubber (CraigK) He supplied the frame, fork , stem, bar and a seatpost clamp! Next up is wheels... I will upload pics of the parts as we get them and as the build takes shape.
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