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Found 7 results

  1. The topic title pretty much says it all... I have two sets of XT M8000 brakes and, naturally, I'm a little confused (and concerned/irritated) by all the comments regarding modulation and other issues. And equally so by all the praise showered on the M7000 set, since I spent more on mine. I haven't had any issues since fitting either set around 6 months ago. And whenever I speak to guys at Revolution cycles and This Way Out, everyone prefers the M8000 over the M7000 and doesn't know of any issues either. On the Hub, however, there are a lot of people who talk about the M8000 set as if it were a bad flu going around that they're pretty chuffed to have dodged. So what gives? Surely any real issues would have been corrected relatively quickly?
  2. Help please! I bought an M8000 XT brakeset that came with Shimano finned resin pads. They worked perfectly and I really liked them. I never rode in the rain and only commuted short distances. After about two weeks, the rear pads are squealing like crazy and not stopping me at all. I have to pull down really hard on the brake lever, and even then I can't get the rear wheel to lock and slide. The front still works well. I really don't see how the rear pads could have been contaminated because the rotors were brand new and fitted with the brakeset. Obviously contamination can happen so easily though. Does anyone have experience with these resin pads and know how I might repair them? Also, if I can't fix them, would you recommend a metal pad replacement (finned shimano)?
  3. Hi guys, I need to buy replacement pads for my XT brakeset. Can anyone recommend a durable metal or sintered set? From what I can see, CWC has the genuine metal pads with cooling fins for R399 and a couple of other cheaper options: RESPONSE SINTERED DISC PADS (XT/XTR) R170 RESPONSE SEMI METAL DISC PADS (XT/XTR) R170 SHIMANO XTR 980 DISC PADS METAL (G04TI) R299 Does anyone have experience with these or could you recommend another option? I'm not even certain whether the cheaper two sets above fit the M8000 calipers. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Guys, I have a 32T chainring with 11-46 cassette on my softtail 26er (1x11 Shimano XT). I'm trying to decide between the exact same setup on my 29er hardtail vs the following: 30T with 11-42 cassette (also XT). Bottom line: I do a lot of climbing and I'm not an avid downhill rider. I feel the 32T with an 11-42 cassette might be tough on the steep hills. And the best priced upgrade kits I'm seeing on the hub are with the 11-42 cassette. Do you think the 30T option could be a good one (i.e. comparable to 32T with 11-46 cassette)? Thanks for your help
  5. Hi Hubbers Don't miss our Monday Madness Items!! 1. Shimano M8000 XT 11-Speed Upgrade Kit (11-42T) - R3695!!! https://www.evobikes.co.za/shimano-m8000-xt-upgrade-kit.html
  6. Hi Hubbers TODAY ONLY - XT 1 x 11 speed Upgrade Kits on special - 11/40T. RRP is R6295 - today only R3895!! Stock are LTD. Link is here: http://evobikes.co.za/shimano-1-x-11-xt-upgrade-kit-11-42-cassette.html
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