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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I am looking for an app or solution to time buddies doing a fun enduro. Un-offical enduro event. My ideal solution would be a real-time stopwatch over two or more devices that can start/stop from two different phones. So guy at the top hits start button, and then the timer at the bottom hits the stop button. If this system could store each rider's time, that would be even better - and if it could accumulate, order and save overall times to names or number of users that would be off the charts fantastic. Anyone know of a solution like this?
  2. I’m based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I’m thinking of trying to organise a couple of enduro races. I don’t think it’s been done here before, and I don’t think anyone really knows about the discipline, which is one reason I’m keen to get it started. Unfortunately we don’t have any trail centres or suitable trails on private land, though there is lots of great natural stuff around, and I’ve scouted out lots of good stage options. Being limited to public land and without much of a budget or manpower, I’m wondering about how we could do the timing. We might not really be able to mark the route reliably (some course tape was moved on a recent XC race I organised), and I don’t want to leave any valuable timing equipment unattended. It’ll have to be very low-key to start with, so I’m thinking about just using Strava for timing. Lots of the rides here require riders to have a GPS, and even those who don’t should have a smart phone capable of running Strava. Does anyone with experience in this kind of thing have any ideas? Are there any platforms that could analyse riders’ GPS tracks in a similar way to Strava, making sure they stayed on course, but without users having to create a Strava account? Or any reasonably-priced timing devices that we could use? I suppose with enough manpower we could just position marshals with stop-watches at the beginning and end of each stage, but I’m doubtful that I’d be able to recruit enough volunteers willing to trek that far out into the bush… Any suggestions from others who have run events like this would be appreciated!
  3. Hey guys and girls Just a quick question - I am looking at a timing system used by the EWS and many other international Enduro Events ... So am just bouncing ideas around ... The system itself is not too expensive - but the actual chip cards are quite pricey as they are active cards rather than passive cards like are used here in SA.... 99% of timing systems in SA use PASSIVE chips - and for point to point racing such as Enduro this is an issue as you then need power to the main transponders at each stage and then good cell signal etc so that the system can relay back to the hub computer - BUT this doesnt work in spots with no signal ... The system i am looking at uses an ACTIVE chip (thats why it costs so much) and a timestamp is put onto your chip as you start and you the rider take your time with you on the chip to the finish where you plug the chip in at the end of the event and the computer records all your times off your chip and prints you out a slip with your times. so we would need to either loan these out per event or sell them so riders have them as their own. They are the size of a USB stick .... I would prefer the topic to stay on the price of the unit rather than saunter off onto which companies system is better etc. So -- The discussion ....(Remembering that a passive chip from someone like ROAG is about R50 or R100 bucks i think) What would you expect to pay for an active chip?? What would you expect to pay to RENT a chip for a day?? Thanks Nige
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