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Not been a very technical fella.........


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Guest Big H
can you/should you store a mountain bike on one of those single hook things that you hook either your front or back tyre onto?


Not sure about this but I recall John Boremdom posting something about a shock fork that was stored horizontally for quite a time. Search for that post.
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Guest Big H

The Angolan version of the Big H Bicycle stand.





Closer view, note the lagging for frame protection as well as the BLOUDRAAD Vrystaat clamps attaching it to the pillar.


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Listen to Big H!  I have exactly the same setup, except that it is bolted to a wall.  Probably cost me R10 and an hour out of my day!

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On a practical note, as the bike is obviously in your way when stood on the floor, I assume that you want to hang it high up.


Any idea how much of a PITA it is going to be to lift your bike and tighten the seatpost clamp without getting onto a ladder or something?  Rather get some hooks, or if all else fails get one of those towbar racks, and bolt that to the wall.


I have had carbon and alu bikes hang that way for years without a hint of top-tube damage.
R2S22008-06-02 10:17:14
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Its a hassle' date=' the hooks are too high up and not in a great spot so its hard to get to them, a stand seemed easier as it is moveable.[/quote']

Have you considered moving the hooks... Smile


I like Big H's setup for a permanent / semi-permanent stand.


If you're looking for something portable I recommend one of these:

Ultimate Pro Elite


It's got good reviews and is fairly light and portable. It's also very stable (something seemingly often sacrificed for portability). It has a pretty big footprint when fully unfolded, but if you're just hanging the bike then you could get away with only partially unfolding it.


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