“We've been planning this expansion now for about 6 months so it's a very exciting time for the team," explained James Hallett, founder and Festival Director of the Trails In Motion film festival series. “Having already successfully created a globally renowned trail running film tour, it was really a natural progression for us to work towards developing a similar social experience for the mountain bikers and so we're extremely happy to be offering the Trails In Motion experience to the world's cycling communities.”


Featuring a wide variety of stories across eleven films, the 2017 Trails In Motion Mountain Bike Film Festival line up will present work from some of the world's top mountain biking film producers including Joey Schusler, Harrison Mendel, Tom Malecha (Filme Von Drausen), Marc Panaud (Hexagone-film), Leo Zuckerman and Mason Mashon. Included in the line up will also be a vintage compilation entitled Freewheelin', believed to be one of the first mountain bike films ever made. This simple, yet visually insightful '80s production by adventure sport film maker Wolf Ruck, presents a retro look at the origins of the sport in California.


“The films that make up our official selection have been selected because of their diversity and rich story line,” says Hallett. “We believe that all riders revere their own individual sense of adventure when it comes to venturing outdoors and riding bikes. Next years line up of films truly encompasses this spirit of discovery and self-expression."

The tour will focus on working with hosts in major mountain bike communities around the world, including the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, the United Kingdom and South Africa. However, through the tour's easy-to-use booking system and ongoing event consultation service, anyone can host a show anywhere in the world.


“Hosting the Trails In Motion Mountain Bike Film Festival is accessible to anyone interested in putting on a screening,” continues Hallett. “We work closely with all prospective hosts, whether they be existing event organizers, retailers or even individual entities, to ensure that putting on a screening is a simple process. As with our existing trail and ultra running film tour, our philosophy remains focused not only on creating a credible platform that supports both amateur and professional film makers and the general mountain bike industry, but also on developing a great community event series.”


For more information about the Trails In Motion Mountain Bike Film Festival, including how to host a screening, head to www.trailsinmotionmtb.com.