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  1. I see Buycycle has Bibs for R699 less 10% for fathers day.
  2. Bicycle line in Boksburg, sell the individual parts, shifters, derailers and Cranks
  3. I have a 2015 Scott Genius.........................That I will not be throwing away.
  4. Not yet, will borrow one for tonight.
  5. Ok, I will try that next, although, I had it plugged directly into the laptop before which would make it about 1.2 meters from the Kickr
  6. I am getting fad-up with this drop in connection, I have mailed Ikhambi and they asked me to do some type of test, the picture below is my power drops, with a 3 Meter USB extension, WIFI switched off, Laptop linked to internet with LAN Cable. Phone Bluetooth switched off that I use for music. How do I detect what other signal is in the room to eliminate it?
  7. I got my wife a Tckr Dual HR belt, price was R750 from Buycycle, works great and is a bit more comfortable than the Garmin one.
  8. I might not be a woman but agree, I got a Small changed a few things and now my wife is very comfy on het bike(Titan Skyrim comp) my 2c
  9. I must be honest some tracks are getting really deep, they should either re-route those sections or fill them-up a bit.
  10. When I upgraded the old "noisy" type to the silent type, you have to exchange the Free-hub outer that sits in the Flywheel, that little ratchet thingy looks the same as the DT-Swiss units.
  11. There is a guy in the cape that upgrades Kickrs that has a tool that removes the ring, its basically a hardened star tool, Google Kickr upgrade, you will find him on Facebook. I have a ratchet ring I had made for the kickr, basically 26mm with 1mm pitch
  12. I think I have 2 - 6800 NTN bearings at home, you can have them if you want to collect from Boskburg. BMG website lists them for R53 I will confirm this afternoon when I get home.
  13. Those Extra granules expanded and made rubber blobs in the tyre and I did not use a Bomb, tyre seated with a pump, pics attached..
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