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  1. Here is what I did to fix my Garmin "soft" strap after it was giving erratic readings, I let it soak in boiling water for roughly 20minutes and repeated then rinsed in cold soapy water, Still going strong.
  2. Doing this one for sure - need to drop at least 4 to 5kg before May.
  3. Be a good mate and gift him your Garmin and buy yourself a new one - Good excuse for an upgrade.
  4. Garmin connect has a Group event tracking feature - very easy to use, normaly about 100m off but you need phone to be paired the whole time.
  5. There is a Place call Chain and Nylon that specializes in Plastic maching, they have some CNC machines with suction beds and many other machines for plastics.
  6. Well done! following this trend you can do 10k kilometers for 2024
  7. I will give you R100 for your Berg n Bush if you give me R100 for my Sani2c.....😎
  8. WOW!, that is super cool, how much would you ask for something like that, its a great gift idea.
  9. Good day, will there be day entries available?
  10. You should go on your inseam measurements but judging from your length(same as me) you can go for a 54 or 56, there will be many used options out here on the bikehub
  11. I am on 1200 points per week, easy to achieve, a nice 3 -4 hour ride on Saturday = 600 points, 1 hour ride on the MTB with the missus Sunday = 300 points, the rest gets made up with weekday rides or steps.
  12. Entered, I have a score to settle with this race.
  13. I did see cable actuated disc brake calipers at TVS Cycles, that would allow you to use cable STI's onto discs.
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