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  1. Norco comes with great value for money.
  2. Another Vote for Bicycleline in Benoni/Boksburg, Great team.
  3. I can not wait I was Glued to the channel, finally a reality show for us crazy cyclists.
  4. Me too, pushing the training a bit at the moment.
  5. Still sounds Crazy to think a semi decent Road bike starts @ R60k and the sky is the limit, I still can not get myself to replace my current Scott for a new Mountain bike that costs like triple what I paid for it in 2015 - I think I am going to break even if I sell my Scott now.
  6. First time in 3 (947)races that my wife is not riding with me, I suppose I must bump-up the training a bit.
  7. My personal feeling 50 is the sweet spot, you get used to the Crosswinds but the benefit on the straights at speed, I just love my 55 SRT wheels.
  8. Do a Facebook or Youtube search, I did the conversion about 2 years ago, some engineering in Cape town.
  9. Quick question, so what is Kcal? not 1000 cal?
  10. a month ago, they had a Di2 Gearset for the normal price less 10%, that would have been 13.5k plus shipping, I was so tempted.
  11. I got a RYDER hose from my LBS, worked like a charm, I think I have the old one somewhere.
  12. Easy answer to this, just use Bikehub pay system and nothing like this would have happened, agree to share the 1% fee and everything is sorted.
  13. Polar belt with the Garmin POD, rather get the WAHOO strap and POD much cheaper and works like a charm.
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