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  1. Gunther…. Omw These are works of art. Their newest creations (turbo and speedster) are gooooorgeous
  2. Interesting!!! should also be a bit cheaper… 😂
  3. Me too, in all fairness. Smug conniving bastard, that one.
  4. Yep. Also quite galling to think that they claim Andretti, a motorsports powerhouse, won’t bring enough into the game. erm….
  5. lovely items, those... Did you get them? That rebate plane in the middle is wonderful, got a couple of them myself.
  6. @OP you can mullet it without an issue. It's just a wheel. Only thing you'd need to retain is the same cassette (for chain length and gearing compatibility) Hub width, axle size and disc size. You'll be dropping the BB by about 20mm or so, but that's not a train smash unless you're already grazing rocks with your cranks & chainring. It'll also reduce the inertia on the rear, as long as you're not going heavier with the back wheel. That will make the rear more "lively" by virtue of it being easier to change direction, but not by much. Another by-product of that is that you'll be able to lift the front more easily as it'll have slackened out the HA by dropping the rear axle relative to the front axle. FWIW I'd concentrate on the skills before you decide to pay them bills. Maybe even a better bar (slight riser) or a shorter stem. Flat bars belong in the gym.
  7. MTB with smaller wheel at the back. Groadies are a strange bunch, none of their terms are Canon. Mullet = business at the front, party at the back. Smaller wheel = more fun (lower inertia & angular momentum) & bigger wheel = better rollover. The Trek / GF 69er was from the days when designers needed to overcome their lack of understanding wrt niner geometry and smaller people, but the practice is still pretty common in Enduro / DH circles.
  8. Saw a 911 Dakar in the flesh the other day... My oh my, it's a sexy beast.
  9. Old Tumbleweed's favourite person in the world….
  10. We'd found you out behind the local floozy's geraniums, so I guess that's a yes.
  11. you gave me the spoon, jewie... All I did was a stick the tip in.
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