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  1. Around a corner, definitely! 😜
  2. I built up my Cotic a few months ago. It was a slow process while I assembled bits and pieces. The final build ended up getting an Ohlins RXF 36 fork (overkill, but awesome), Industry9 Torch hubs with Nextie carbon rims, KS Ether 35mm carbon bar, TRP G-spec Quadium 4 pot brakes, XO cranks and an eagle drive train. Total build came in at 11.6kg which I thought was pretty good considering the frame and fork. The bike is just so much fun to ride! Its way more forgiving and compliant than I was expecting it to be. I've had a few hardtails in my time, but never a steel one and I understand now why people love their steel bikes. Plus, with that beast of a fork I feel like I can just charge at and over anything in the trail. I thought it would just be a fun 'every now and then' toy, but I've switched to using it exclusively which means that my wife has claimed my Anthem as her own
  3. Got to agree with you there. I had a VFR back in the day which I loved and I've often toyed with the idea of getting another one because it just brought me so much joy. It really taught me how to ride a bike well. Very forgiving, not enough power to get into trouble and could hold a line really well. Don't have any photos of it that I can find besides this one where I was taking it to a track day at Killarney. It had so little top end speed that I barely slowed down for the corners It was all about holding onto all of the momentum.
  4. I used to have a ZX6R with underseat exhaust but can't say that I ever noticed the heat from under the seat. The engine was more than hot enough though for me to not really notice heat from anywhere else.
  5. I went there last weekend with my wife (she's new to MTB and I thought it would be a nice place for her to learn some skills) and I haven't ridden there in about five years. The trails were very over grown but I just put that down to the time of year with the crops. We weren't able to go as fast but that's hardly the end of the world when learning the ropes. I didn't feel like the actual trails themselves were in too much of a bad state of repair, but then I do like a rough trail so maybe I'm not the best judge. My biggest criticism though (and its the same as it was five years ago) is that it's just boring. Even the 'advanced trail' from the top is dull. Even my wife was able to ride all of it and her skill level and confidence are low. Hoogies and Contermans are a lot more fun, especially Hoogies with the skills park. Wish I had gone there instead. Plus I got a tick on me On the plus side, we went to the Dairy Shed at Contermanskloof afterwards and that was fantastic! I'd highly recommend going there.
  6. Wow! What an opportunity! I'd love to put myself forward, but I know there are people better prepared for it on such short notice. Hope you find the person you're looking for!
  7. If it's being removed, is it a hook plate?
  8. I used to live in the Lake District, and the RAF came through all the time - low and fast twisting and turning between the land, following the water. Sometimes solo, sometimes in a pair. It was always great to watch them shoot off into the distance.
  9. A buddy used to have one of these. Really cool little bikes. Quite tame compared to a 250 MX bike of the same era, but that makes them a hell of a lot more reliable.
  10. This is exactly what I did when I found a GPS unit on a trail once. Worked out really well.
  11. Each way... And I take the scenic route home via Chapmans Peak, up and down 😝 which adds a few extra kilometers
  12. Has it been registered on the Natis system before? If it has, then its a nightmare. If it hasn't and you don't have the papers then its a nightmare. It's possible to sort out (I've done it both ways in the past) but its a mega bureaucratic 'mare. If its been on the system before and the license hasn't been paid every year then it could end up being cost prohibitive. Why are you wanting to get it street legal though? Do you have a full homogolation kit for it? But to answer your question, its the licencing centres that can help you. Matt can take you to the one in Fish Hoek (I've taken him there before so he knows where it is) otherwise here's the complete list: https://www.capetown.gov.za/Family and home/See-all-city-facilities/Our-service-facilities/Motor vehicle registration centres
  13. I picked up a nice little commuting steed for my incredible 1.2km daily commute I haven't had a bike for a while, so it's been fun to ride again. It's not the most powerful bike I've ever had, but it serves its purpose well. It's been well looked after and has a nice throaty exhaust on it. Enjoying it so far, and it's also the first bike I've ever had where I can leave all of my kit on and in the bike and walk into a shop like a regular person! Have never had that before with any of my other bikes.
  14. Definitely take your own. It's almost no hassle and then you have your own bike which you're familiar with.
  15. I did this in one day and stayed at Gecko Creek, which was fantastic! It added a little extra distance and climbing but was worth it. It's a beautiful route which I'd definitely recommend.
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