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  1. What's the next thing on the horizon?
  2. I went up there on Sunday - there's nothing left. Any bridges and ramps are all burnt and broken, the trail hasn't been used and is pretty much non existent. Weirdly enough, most of the signage is still up and intact even with everything being burnt around it.
  3. They're brought in by Omnico so should be able to be sourced from any bike shop.
  4. I ended up making one of these mostly by accident as well. I needed a bike to live on the indoor trainer, so got a 26" MTB frame, bought a set of gravel bars and then raided my parts bin for 10sp Ultegtra STI's & rear derailleur, MTB crank with 44T (all I could get my hands on), rigid steel fork and the rest of the drive train and used an old front wheel to complete. So all in all it cost me about R1k to put together. Bargain! I liked how it looked though, so the idea started brewing in my head about turning it into a working bike. The fork and frame had disc brake mounts so it was possible to do it. Then my wife bought a new road bike with disc brakes which came with a spare set of wheels which I immediately stole to see if they would work, and they did! Clearance is perfect with 38C tyres. And to get around the braking issue, TRP make a hydraulic caliper which is cable operated, so its all normal cables until the caliper. Neat and powerful.
  5. How are the level 4 restrictions affecting the race this year? Have they got permission to be out after curfew?
  6. I've got a steel frame mountain bike which has just been powder coated so is nice and fresh - if you're wanting to test on different materials?
  7. Lenses are still going strong. The actual lens itself is slightly thinner than the original Oakley lens, but that's just something I noticed while putting them in. I have no optical issues and the coating still looks brand new. I haven't crashed onto my face though, so I can't give them a strength rating... 😜
  8. I ran along level 5 this morning but didn't see anything. Is this the area you're talking about? From the gate on level 5 heading towards the trails?
  9. I like the belt drive single speed. I've been wanting something like this for commuting for a while now. Simple, clean lines, quiet and efficient.
  10. dirtypot


    BT Sports commentators were talking about concussion a lot. I do believe it needs to be taken more seriously. I've had it, and you certainly aren't making well informed decisions and thinking clearly. More so when you've had more than one...
  11. That's going to be wild!
  12. This is what I suspect happened with my wife's Chappies crash (I wasn't there to see it). She was between corners, perfect sunny dry day, and the tube had definitely exploded for reasons unknown. Accidents happen. Even if the guy was cornering like Rossi (as mentioned previously) something unexpected could have happened.
  13. That corner often has a lot of sand on the road after the apex, so if you're going fast and aren't on line properly it's easy to get it wrong. I've seen quite a few people lose it there. My wife crashed going down Chappies a couple of weeks ago (not the same corner though) but luckily stayed on the road. I was surprised at the damage which the road surface gave though - it looked like she had been attacked by a dog with deep gouges in the skin and lots of stitches needed. None of the normal road rash which you would normally associate with sliding down the road at 50km/h. Came across this picture on FB of the guy being rescued - shows just how close the cliff is. The minimal damage he sustained is amazing!
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