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  1. Thank you for explaining, Connected a bent pipe anyway as I wasnt trusting the distance btw the exhaust outlet and my carbon rim/tyre. I have seen a few of these mishaps B4, ouens pitching up at a race with burnt tyre or rim or both.
  2. Hi All. Anyone in the WC that can service an Elite Suito trainer. The belt is slipping? Thank you
  3. I dont have that issue anymore but on my bakkie I was scared this would happen and got add on pipe fitting on the end of the Exhaust turning the outlet down twrds road. 10cm bent pipe. This shld work.
  4. Hi All Were do I find the results? Technical...it wasn't technical at all in my opinion. Its also depends on your skill level, but there was enough room to move or pass except for the hosepipe part, that was proper sheep track width but less than a km long. The odd river crossing was no biggy.
  5. Hi Adriaan @ Gallows last year the ambulance was also late by 30/40min, they should maybe use those O2 masks and catch a wake up!! 1. Moerse Chalk markings at big turns 5m long at least or a Parent from school or community. 2.Age cats not divided by Finnish time keepers making it difficult for Log leader bord to be arranged correctly. (Great time) 3. 1 race maybe to many causing slow traffic on the service rd next to railway or choose another route coming up from delico. I almost hit a tunnie changing lanes after I shouted stay left and her husband also called her back...eish, I wld have been in the bushes. Otherwise a lekker route, need to see the dentist, my teeth still rattling, and my HR strap het afgesak...lol All the best for next yr, you pulled some GP riders...well done, means something in the bigger scheme of things...just goes to show WP can be the mecca of Gravel.
  6. Organisers...please mark the route. Chalk on the floor works well... I went straight into town after i came out the grave yard... Can you make a place in town to collect nmbr, there was hardly any space at Heavens to park to do collections last year. Wicked
  7. 100miler. Firstly I train my gat off to get a good result. LOL . Not bothered with clutter, goody bags or medals or to criticize a WPoint. So hear me out bitch! 1. The lead group got to take a shortcut back onto the right route... The chasing group incl myself was told to turn back, at that stage there was a 2min gap. We did 165km meaning xtra 5km or 9min longer at avs spd off 31km/h meaning we(3others) could have finished inside top 10 as the dynamics wld have changed once you start hauling inn guys falling off the leadgroup. 2. How difficult is it to mark a route...Seriously???? N.B. To ALL EVENT Organizers! Chalk on the floor, a town resident or school kid/parent showing the way. Nothing like going wrong and you catch up with the peeps you just dropped....After we got onto the right route we still had a gate to open and a another wrong turn sign to navigate Yes or NO, lucky the groad just went dead into a vineyard. Must have been a sour farmer or some workers going to town that pulled this off. Swak 3.THEN! All of a sudden we have 2 marshals leading us...??? Later the guy on the scooter,cant call it a motorbike(185cc) left us...after 2nd tar section. 4. Was plain sailing after the course corrections. Only along the railroad track,that was a miserable part of the course I.M.O, dongas off note and back markers of the short route you had to pass on a twee spoor... 5.Belgian beer aint NO farken Stella mate,thats what the Jobs/Chavs drink in GB for a piss up. Leffe, Hoegaarden, Duval ,De **** ,Palm , Kriek trapist to name a few, at 360ne they had a beer truck on tap with some off the above. Totally saw the dream of the organizer for this event. IT was lekker to see so many peeps at the event. Thanks for making it NOT so expensive to enter. Some Org take the mickey. I am sure RVR Org will note the faults they made, wish them all the best for next year. Western Cape Gravel cup event series; RVR , The gallows, The Cedar, Half distance Boland gravel monster, Prince george 100miler
  8. Yep, think my 38 is tooo big for that ridge... is it part of the welvanpass ride routes? Is it open for riding yet, thats what i am really trying to ask here...
  9. Its a great event. Location , Route and Vibe before and after is pretty unique. Done it on my Mtb Scalpel with 700 x 43 tyres and gravel bike. If you want to experience a different scenic route and location this should be on your bucket list for various reasons other than the UCI accreditation. There is always a shorter route if you are unfit e-doped or still full from xmas....
  10. Yeah, done it 2ce love it, see you round, dunno about the vetkoek....LOL😊
  11. Yes tried last night, says its FULL. Just under a 100 was the cap on entries, pity.
  12. Pitty its sold out....😶
  13. It was disappointing, the end that was... Why did we pay so much entry if there was no timing, sorry wld like to get my seeding up for attekwas next year, thought if they advertised it as a sanctioned ride, it could help. I received no coupon so didn't get a prego roll or a beer, count yrself lucky!! Shame what happened to the announcer, overslept? LOL there was no Music or Gees at all. Beautiful ride though...
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