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  1. That's CODA - Cannondale... http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/4105/dsc07700e.jpg http://fcdn.mtbr.com/attachments/wheels-tires/588407d1293728107-spin-wheels-not-spynergy-tri-spoke-rear-hub-freehub-luigi-y22-01.jpg - Ignore the Trek!
  2. Living in Kuwait, we often go out after Iftaar, usually at around 10pm... normally for a 20km spin, not much more. The heat here is still at around 40 degrees at that time, and the Iftaar meal is quite substantial....
  3. Hi all. I live in Kuwait at the moment... There are absolutely 0 mountains here, let alone hills! How can I do training to help my climbing for when I'm back in a proper riding environment?
  4. That was the bike of my dreams when I was a laaitie! Would have killed for that...awesome.
  5. Forgot to mention, I live in Kuwait, so no tax etc. here. Which is a good thing....
  6. Hi all.. I'm looking at buying some Chinese parts - all unbranded. I'd like your opinions on these items, any thoughts. Forgot to mention, I live in Kuwait at the moment, so no taxes etc. involved... This is their web site: http://velobuildmall.com/ Thanks all.
  7. This is my Seiko H127-5000. Its from 1979. My father gave it to me as he walked out the door on fathers day in 1983. I was 4 years old. The next day they found him dead in his car, overlooking Silvermine.....
  8. Thanks guys for the replies.... I'm probably a bit more worried that when they scan my suitcase (frame has been stuffed into a suitcase, rear triangle removed) they'll see a big shock that will show up looking somewhat like a bomb, with cables coming off it!
  9. Hi all. I'm flying out of the country tomorrow, should I deflate my rear shock for the flight? Scott Genius TC rear shock
  10. Pm me if you need details for a company that hires from all over the world.... flights paid for, from and to SA, medical, and decent salaries.
  11. Reason I'm asking about Middle East - the experience you gain is very good, and in general, looks good on the C.V. Salary is very good too, and is tax free, so no lining the coffers of J.Z. There are a lot of jobs open in the area, as it is expanding rapidly. I'm currently in Kuwait, chef, and I honestly cant complain about much.
  12. Have you considered the Middle East? What line of work are you in?
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