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  1. Hi all, Who's the guru on vintage bikes in this part of the world? I have an old DHC, which belonged to my Granddad, and is in original condition and I've now found another old bike which I'm interested in, but it seems to me to be quite the hodge-podge... The frame is labelled as an 'Assegai', has a BSA chainring and Sturmy-Archer 3-speed gears. It's been 'touched up', in various places, by brush, with black paint ( ), but does come equipped with the usual plethora of vintage accessories. Are you on you able to give me more info' on it, please? I'd love a guesstimate on the value too, if possible? Thank you. Nic
  2. Thanks chaps. Absolutely, copperhead.
  3. Thanks NSBB. Does the small and large look used to you or are you sitting on the fence there? Anyone else, please? The more, the better.
  4. Thank you, th. That's confirmation of what I've concluded.
  5. Hello everyone, On a Shimano 9-speed HG chain, is it standard to find the letters 'LF' engraved on random links? http://cdn.cyclingforums.com/3/30/900x900px-LL-30ca5466_DFUmG7U.jpeg Do these chainrings look new to you? They were fitted, the gears adjusted and the bike was then ridden around a parking lot in order to test the adjustment. http://cdn.cyclingforums.com/e/e8/900x900px-LL-e8c5951c_bDeakrO.jpeg http://cdn.cyclingforums.com/1/17/900x900px-LL-1703776d_6viqetD.jpeg http://cdn.cyclingforums.com/a/a7/900x900px-LL-a7ba7f3c_tqs2zn4.jpeg http://cdn.cyclingforums.com/8/88/900x900px-LL-8802074c_FrxRy6H.jpeg http://cdn.cyclingforums.com/8/84/900x900px-LL-8492dff6_yZJhZ5X.jpeg Thank you for your time.
  6. Here's my dilemma, Skylark... 1. I haven't yet finished sorting this out. I want to get a second, professional opinion on some of the other parts. 2. Although I knew that the derailleur had been swapped out; and I was then able to extract this info' from the owner/techie and have things corrected, to what extent would it need to be proven in the public domain to preclude myself from coming off in a negative light as a potential slanderer. I would like my bike sorted, but in so far as "naming & shaming", I simply have far too much else on my plate to deal with at present to take on the prospect of defending myself. I don't like it, but I also have to be rational about the bigger picture.
  7. Although I wasn't subjected to that, Mojoman, I can confirm that that is certainly a problem in the IT world as well, with high-priced parts. howardsteele, it was indeed the front derailleur. I am usually quite an independent chap and do most work myself. Circumstances forced me to go through a store at the moment. Frustration is not the word.
  8. UH, I'm still busy sorting out my bike and so far, the owner has been co-operative. I'm merely trying to caution others to be on the lookout, not start a flame war. @ DJR.
  9. This serves as a cautionary message... I gave a small, independent LBS a chance a few days ago and handed in my bike in order to have some worn parts changed. This was after a 'brand' had disappointed me with some work done prior. I collected it earlier today and quickly discovered that my derailleur had been stealthily changed out for an inferior one. Long story short, I stood by whilst my original one was refitted. This exercise cost me a master-link in a brand new chain, a weak link, so to speak, which is annoying me no end. I am also of the opinion that the parts that I requested and paid for, are inferior and used items. I have confronted the owner/techie about all of this; the enquiry is on-going. I intend on checking the parts purchases with their supplier and will also seek out a second opinion on the fitted parts. I am livid. In future, I will be allocating the time to effect all work on my bikes myself and will be only accept parts in their original packaging. I am not giving out names, but please, check and mark ALL components on your bikes. You just never know...
  10. Loving the prompt replies, from Hubbers and EB. Thank you, everyone! I'll forward my Order number to your email addresses in a moment.
  11. Thanks Raab. Yep, they have all of my current contact details. Most online shops have a Comment section when checking out, which I intended on using to let them know about my Wednesday deadline, but not with EB...hence my worrying.
  12. Morning all, I took a chance and ordered with EasyBike for the first time on Saturday, with overnight express as my delivery option. Their system is still showing my order as 'Processing', which is a rather large problem, because I'm relocating to the sticks on Thursday. I emailed them yesterday morning and I've tried their phone number twice, which doesn't seem to be working. Do any of you have contact details for them that work, please? Thank you.
  13. OK, so here's the latest on this saga... I purchased a new gear cable this past weekend and fitted it myself, because I discovered a damaged cable upon its return from LBS #2. I realigned the derailleur and dropped it. It is now pretty much dead on 1mm from the top of the large chainring. It changes gears very nicely too. ...but the chain still drags along the bottom of the cage. We've been playing around with the idea of cutting the bottom of the cage off and trying to extend it downwards with a small plate, fitted with pop rivets. http://i.imgur.com/2GVO7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WsCXW.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5aXIg.jpg
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