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  1. Cool. I'll try come through after work today otherwise at 10am tomorrow. Do you know how much that new thru axle is going to set me back?
  2. Agreed, I just thought maybe I got bad advise the first time around. Definitely don't want to risk damaging my new Specialized Epic Comp. Sorry just had to write what new bike I got. Whoop whoop! Minaar must watch himself, i'm coming for him....if I can get my bike to the travel head.
  3. You rate this will work on the A1? Others in this post reckon it won't fit...
  4. Just a bit of mission just for a bike rack. Would prefer to get something that doesn't involve a bunch of garage work. Also pretty steep to install. Considering a roof rack as well maybe.
  5. Hey Droo, thanks for the offer. Where are you based?
  6. I'm looking for a plug and play bike rack for my Audi A1. I was told that Thule don't make a rack for my car. I really don't want to put a tow bar on my car just for my bike and also can't fit my 29" bike in the car even with the seats down. Any one got a solution? or anyone with an A1 got a bike rack that worked for them?
  7. I recently purchased a second hand bike with a rockshox reba 15mm through axle. I didn't notice when I bought it that the lip of the axle was shredded and now I can't remove the wheel. Any suggestions on a good fix? Should I just replace the axle or is there a way to fix it?
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