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  1. Dear Cyclist Please allow me to humbly apologise on behalf of my girlfriend on Sunday morning. She was not aware that her solo training route was not allowed to coincidence with the tail end of yesterday?s PPA race. I recognize that overtaking riders riding slower than oneself is a serious offence, and I can see how you were entirely justified in telling her three times to a) ?f*ck off?, b) ?f*ck off home? and c) ?f*ck off? again. Perhaps above all, I apologise for the fact that my 17 year girlfriend who has been riding for no more than two months was able to set a faster pace (into a gale force head wind) than you were. I hope we meet some day so I can have the pleasure of driving my big chainring down your throat. Regards Chris
  2. I'm starting a heart rate monitor review website with a friend of mine (no, not the cliched review sites you see everywhere... ours will be different) and i was wondering how i can get some demo models? Do Garmin / Polar etc just hand them out to established review websites, or do you have to buy them in order to review them?
  3. I'm buying a second hand bike from Avron's on Friday. I've already seen the bike and there's nothing glaringly wrong with it, but i was just wondering whether there were tricks to finding stuff that might be wrong with the bike that isn't so obvious... Thanks
  4. Hey there I've gotten an offer for a 2nd hand Raleigh RC3000 from someone and i'm just wondering if it's a good deal. It's a 2007 model, apparently only ridden 200km, seems to be in good condition, comes with clips and computer. Is it worth R5000? Thanks Chris
  5. Please do excuse my ignorance, but i have just a quick question: If I ride a raleigh compact frame size of 48cm, what is the equivalent frame size in a scott?
  6. sorry i meant to say that i've never seen the product so don't know it at all
  7. Price it right! Some of us are students too and definitely chuck a few in race packs or just hand out the start of PPA rides. (oh and also make your packaging look nice and appealing - i make no apologies for choosing a product based on it's classy cover)
  8. Hey everyone My girlfriend's getting into cycling and looking for a good bike shop to get herself started with a road bike + clips + shoes + clothes + computer + indoor trainer + everything else you need to get rolling. What's a decently priced, friendly, well-stocked cycling shop in the Cape Town? Maybe there's even a shop out there that will throw in a little discount to encourage future purchases? Feel free to PM me as well:)
  9. Hi everyone, i need some advice on indoor trainers. I am currently using a cyclops magneto indoor trainer and i find that when doing interval training i outspin it sometimes (ie. not enough resistance) so was thinking about upgrading to the Fluid2 trainer. Is the difference worth the extra cash?
  10. Hi there. I am a fairly competitive cyclist but am wondering about tandem cycling with my girlfriend (a complete beginner to cycling / endurance sport in general) - if we are at two very different fitness levels, would we still be able to both get a good workout on a ride on a tandem? Or do the two people have to be of similar fitness levels? Secondly, where is a good place to get a tandem? I can't see myself spending more than R4000 (seeing that my girlfriend might not still like cycling in a few months...), so what could i expect to get for that much? What's the 2nd hand market like for tandems? Thanks
  11. Hi, I am currently building a polar / gpx converter and need some test data from a variety of heart rate monitors. If anyone has data from a Polar HRM (the .hrm files) or Garmin HRM (.gpx or .crs), please would you send them to me at chris@linegar.co.za (please specify the model of HRM as well). Your help is much appreciated! Chris
  12. Is it possible to refill the CO2 bombs that you buy in the shops yourself? or do you just have to buy new ones? (and no, i dont get a lot of punctures:P I'm using CO2 bombs for a project and need to be able to refill them coz it gets somewhat expensive to buy them new all the time) Cheers
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