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  1. I'm happy to ride in the South. Am definitely going to venture towards Henley on Klip/Vereening, seems popular
  2. Yes, I've never been to Hobby Park but had heard that it's not really worth while? I also didn't mention PWC because there isn't that much riding to be done there IMO.. Not referring to only bike parks but really don't enjoy the disappointment of say for example Melville Koppies West, looks great on Google Earth but is actually totally over grown and basically unrideable. I've used Strava and routecheck heatmaps but they highlight what I already know. I'm really wanting to find new trails that won't appear on heatmaps.
  3. Thanks. Could I maybe join you for one of these rides when we are allowed to? or could you share GPX files? I did The Fast One earlier this year but haven't been further south..
  4. Hi Guys Besides The Spruit, St Stithians, Thaba, Reitvlei, Kingkloof, Avianto, Cradle Moon,General Cradle, Northern Farms, Hennops, Modderforntein, Wolwespruit, Red barn, Rosemary Hill, Buffelsdrift and Van Gaalen, are there any hidden gems in and around Gauteng?
  5. Hi Guys The general consensus to this issue was that I should stop using Paraffin and stop stripping the chain of all lubrication after every ride. I have therefore started the following routine: After every ride i wipe down/scrub and relube chain, after every 2/3 rides or after very long or muddy rides i spray specific chain cleaner (namgear from Bike Addict) on the chain and then wipe down/scrub, rinse thoroughly, dry and relube. (all done without removing chain) But again after 500km my parktool slots in at 0,5% wear! What mileage do you guys get on a chain? And what chains are you using?
  6. Hi Guys I run a SRAM X01 1x11 drive train. After almost every ride I clean my chain by removing it and shaking it around in paraffin, rinsing throughly with water and then relubing with Smoove chain lube once dry. I use a park tool CC-3.2 chain wear gauge to monitor wear and replace chains when they reach 0.5% wear. I do this because of the price of X01 cassettes and chain rings. My issue is that I only get about 500kms out of a KMC or SRAM chain riding in mixed Gauteng conditions. Is this normal?
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