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  1. hey fellow hubbers . need to upgrade to 29er....ride multi day events im 6foot.2 getting older now want to enjoy some easy rolling 29ers tech ,but on a budget !! what is the best of the 2nd hand bunch ?? giant anthem 2011/2012 scott spark elite spezz epic comp what are your thoughts ??!!!??!!!
  2. i have just bought a trainer bike to try increase fitness as my workload is to hi to train in mornings ..my tech skills are pretty good but fitness sucks arse !! any help ?
  3. well i think i am off to the bike shops for some pimp items ...and save the cash for next years toys at bargin prices ????? how the hell do you part with so much cash and feel that you have made all the right checks for the "perfect buy"? riding partner has up graded to a morewood zula (well used 2nd hand)but he did change from a sworks 2007 and that brain sucked big time . he could never keep up down the rocky stuff and drop offs. so unless i can find a bargin deal im keeping the anthem and going on a bike holiday !!!!! anyone coming ? oh.. all please check out facebook for "ride for mobility" i will be updating it soon. we have 14 riders this year for the berg n bush /
  4. i might just kep my toy and wait till something better comes on
  5. ive heard really good things from the anthem 29er ... thanks for the info ...i would change whels set though to ztr or american classics
  6. ??? thanks guys ...but not much help out there
  7. i currently ride a giant anthem (for sale in classifieds) anthem x3 custom build with xtr and tubeless and all that good stuff .. but ive been looking at the morewood is it worth the change or ride mine for a bit longer and see whats on the shelves next year ?? also looking at the 2011 anthem x 29er help a rider out
  8. my anthem i built up too with full xtr ...rp23 and reba race ...on american classics ..comes in at 10.6kgs this spec in the scott will be over 50k
  9. http://bikereviews.com/mountain-bikes/scott/2010-scott/scott-spark-50-mountain-bike/ http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-ZA/bikes/model/anthem.x2/7160/43781/ better deal with the giant ....in my view
  10. had a road scott and now ride a giant anthem x ......love the bike ! if i wanted the same drive train and spec on a scot it would be hugely expensive ... i think the scott might be under spec to the giant if it is cheaper ... for value for money .giant ! for snob brand appeal ...scott ! good luck
  11. well im off to get back to work ...and make enough cash to be taxed and supply revenue for the low cost housing projects and school builds in rural areas ...oh and a E63 AMG for the black government official for anti crime unit !!!!!!!!!!
  12. so you saying than black people are racist and that ..regardless of talent they will have a black winner !??!??!? no by saying that mara has now told the whole world that black people are more racist than whites !!?!??
  13. dont get me wrong ..im in no way anti black and change ..but i get very upset by the public out rage when people of colour dont get their way !!! come on people ... grow up and look to the future ....
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