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  1. I am looking at selling my 2013 Spez Epic Carbon Comp and would appreciate advice on pricing. Bike has seen very little use as a result of health issues shortly after I purchased new. Probably put 1500 km on it at most.
  2. Just bought new tires for the MTB, went on ride and rear tire was not sealed properly so "goo" everywhere. I would like to ride tomorrow and need this sorted tomorrow - any shops open who can assist in Cape Town area?
  3. pm sent - what would the shipping cost be from Transylvania?
  4. Thx for the pm Peter, but I think she needs a small.
  5. Thx for all the input and replies everyone... I am looking at a decent setup first and then once that is done will make a few decisions, one of which could be lightening up the bike a little - better wheels, decent air shock etc. Should all come in less than R10k and if the setup is correct that would enhance the bike a lot more. In addition, I also feel that besides setup a little money invested on a skills clinic would enhance her confidence levels as well. Keeping options and opinions open for now.
  6. Damn, just enquired and you are right - will have to try and raise the cash now!'
  7. Thx guys - the Spez Myka she has (about 2008 model) is heavy as well.
  8. Thx - looks like a great option?
  9. Thx Nico, what size bike does your wife ride? Very little options available in women's specific so looking at sizing for men's sizing ?
  10. I am looking for a FS for my wife and would appreciate advise on what's available and suitable. She currently rides a Spez Myka FSR which is quite heavy. She is about 159/160cm tall and prefers a more relaxed geometry so no extreme XC race machines. I am also unsure as to whether to go 29er as well. Budget around R20k
  11. Years ago Bell had a slogan : " if you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet"... They were referring to motorcycle helmets but I think it still applies to all protective headgear...
  12. I agree on some points: 1) Riser bars a distinct possibility 2) Already has an 85mm stem so can go a little shorter I suppose 3) Only difference between BMC and Tallboy ...mmm... maybe a bit more than that and also 26" vs 29" Maybe I am incorrect and am quite open to being corrected but I am reluctant to change to a different front end with longer travel as this would change the geometry as you intimated. Again, I may be overthinking this ...
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