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  1. EPIC thats good news, glad its safer and cleaner , im definitely keen to put in some more effort too!
  2. Sick Man thanks! Yeah its really sandy in places:/ More you go down the hill just gets sandier. Cool I'll Give it a go gonna have to dig around and see if theres any decent soil to fix them up
  3. But yeah im in the meantime ive asked around about who owns them etc
  4. By fixing these things I think it would make these jumps safer for whoever is gonna ride them.
  5. Hey, thanks! Yeah I do know a bit of building, Just planning on cleaning the lines and fixing the lips and landings etc. Nothing drastic of course. Yeah I tried getting that information in the beginning of this topic about who owns them? , IT seems its been neglected for a few years? Not too sure who else to ask?
  6. Gonna be digging/ maintaining the jump by Chapmans on Sunday if anyone is keen
  7. Hey thanks!, yeah I checked it out yesterday actually, yeah really does have potential. Gonna wait for some rain to hit it and maybe give it some TLC.
  8. And know anymore about the jumps under the pines in Noordhoek?
  9. Epic! Yeah would dig that. Yeah a few people advised me not to ride alone there etc etc
  10. Thanks! ive seen those jumps under the pines and they've been quite neglected , do you know if it private or its okay to fix them up etc?
  11. Hey everyone, People know if there any Dirt jumps/Trials in Noordhoek or has/or know if land where one could possibly build some?
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