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  1. Thanks for the advice. Just found the original fork in the garage with the fleur-de-lis and Conti logo. I really like the red and chrome look, so if that's a possibility... Does anyone have recommendations for someone that can do a good paint job and chrome restoration?
  2. Hey Hubbers I've got an old 'Conti' which was painted custom painted decades ago. I'm considering some options about what to do with this bike and would love some advice. https://ibb.co/tcq8Gsh https://ibb.co/Y8xmVS1 https://ibb.co/2vpTTVc https://ibb.co/5nT1s09 https://ibb.co/gZJBH3D https://ibb.co/DtSVxzz https://ibb.co/8B4NFs0 https://ibb.co/7yVdQ7W https://ibb.co/48ZgFJH I did CTCT on it a few years back so it's mechanically sound. I've never built a bike before so I'm itching to get my hands dirty. This bike is older than me so the components and bike standards are not familiar. Here are some options I'm thinking about: Gravel bike conversion? The steel frame looks solid but I'm not sure about how it'll hold up, what size tyre will fit etc. Is this a good idea? If I go this route I would consider getting a paint job and really spicing it up. This is tempting as it might be a fun bike to travel with when that become an option again.City commuter/flat pedal type bike. I imagine this wouldn't be much work. On another note, there doesn't seem to be much info about Conti around. Does anyone know some history? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help everyone . Yeah I think we're leaning towards a 29er. Think the budget has been stretched to 7k for the new option (he likes the idea of a local warranty). The Signal bikes look like a good value and happy to support local, so that's an option. Had a chat with the Crown Cycles guys and some shipments are arriving over the next few weeks/months depending on the model. That Anthem looks great. I may have to keep an eye on those classifieds for some of these options .
  4. Hi Hubbers! I recently taught a friend to ride a bike (after pestering him for years) and he's now got the bug. He wants to get a bike and I want to make sure he gets some value on the cheaper end of the spectrum. He would likely need a medium frame (1.75m, 95kg). I think a MTB is the most versatile for general cycling and (probable) lack of maintenance on his side. We are in Cape Town. - New versus used? I assume the value is in the used but there don't seem to be too many options. - Where's the sweet spot? He wants to spend 3k-5k but will stretch up to 7k if the value is there. - Anything else I should note? Thanks for helping me get another riding buddy .
  5. Yeah, I'm trying to make sure this doesn't happen. The fit I had done for the CT Cycle Tour earlier this year indicated a 54/55cm frame, but was having doubts based on my height charts I had seen (I'm about 1.78m). Hmm, yeah maybe I should hold on a bit longer. Definitely am a bit trigger happy at this point. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Wow, lots of help! Yeah, wasn't thinking 17k exactly but for 20k the Titan 2019 model has a warranty I believe. I assume some of the silverback options do too. I was going with the impression that carbon would be the first priority at this price bracket. Is this not the case? Nice disc brakes would be great . Unfortunately I'm in Cape Town, so that would be a bit of a headache - no? Looks great, but also not in Cape Town. Ah yeah, the consensus seems to be the against the Swift - too bad, I liked the styling.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone. Do you have links so I can check it out? If I were to spend that much I feel like I should be leaning towards a bike with warranty though. Been eyeing those bikes for a while, but think it might just be too big of a stretch. I've been eyeing it for a few months and haven't seen anything anything far better than above (I think). I suspect it would be easier in Joburg?
  8. Hi everyone I posted a while ago about getting back into road cycling and taking racing more seriously. It's time for me to start deciding what bike I'd like. I've been searching on the classifieds using this search query (frame 54, R15k budget, CPT), but not sure how exactly to compare based on age, components etc. I've been looking at the following: Swift Attack Era 3 BMC Roadracer SL01 Merida Scultra Evo 904 Which looks the best in terms of value? Have I missed anything? Thanks for the help
  9. Okay, thanks for the help everyone! Looks like I'll set aside some time and about 10k-12k to find a good deal on a used bike and spend the rest of the budget on some gear (maybe an indoor trainer etc). Didn't expect so much help - thanks again!
  10. Okay, it looks like I need to get more info from the fitters. To clear some things up, I'm about 178cm tall and am quite flexible. I was fitted on an old Peugeot road bike for the Argus earlier this year at Sports Science Institute in Cape Town. I found this image for the fit numbers if this helps at all: https://imgur.com/vJt2U9K As for 'getting into road racing', I definitely have many more hours on the mountain but have done a few road races here and there. Definitely want to start getting faster though.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually had a bike fit (ErgoFit I believe) a little while ago, not sure if these numbers are sufficient to go by? Frame Size -Frame Reach: 40 Fit Parameters -Seat Height: 71.9 -Saddle Setback: 6.3 -Reach: 44.3 -Drop: 6.9 -Stem: 80.0 -Crank Length: 172.5 Does this look like it corresponds to any particular frame size or should I go back to them for some more specific information? Thanks again for the help .
  12. Hey everyone I'm looking to get more involved in road racing. I've done a couple cycle tours but am looking to get more serious about my times as well as training. My forthcoming goal is to focus on triathlons (if that matters). I haven't got a hard budget, but I was thinking ~10k-15k. Trying to get the best bang for the buck, and something I won't grow out of in a couple of months. Should I buy new (2018 Titan bikes for example) or rather go for a used carbon bike? If I wasn't specific enough, let me know. Thanks for the help in advance.
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