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  1. Hi ON the 28th of July I did my very first ever MTB race. The Stellenbosch MTB challenge. Only the 22km, but this was also my first time ever on a MTB. It went well (Some walking along the way) and last weekend I attempted to ride the short trail at Delvera and it kicked my behind. How would the yellow course at Meerendal compare? Looking for a fun ride Thanks
  2. Hi So just bought my first MTB last saturday. Got a 2018 Scott Aspect 930. Firstly thoughts on the bike are welcome. Secondly I saw an add for a 22km MTB race in two months. Would it be enough time to get fit for the race if I train three/four times a week. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Looking at Momsen AL129 or Titan Rogue Trail. Looking to spend around 12k on all basic kit needed. I first want to see if the bug bites properly.
  4. Hi All I am brand new to MTB'ing. So new in fact that I will only be buying my first bike this weekend. I live the Northern suburbs in Cape Town and am looking for suggestions of easy beginner friendly trails to go earn my stripes. Also what time of day would be best? Don't want to annoy the regulars until I become one. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi. New to MTB'ing and wanted to hear others experience with riding with Prescription glasses. Do you wear protectives over, Do you have perscription sunglasses or do contact lenses. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi I am brand new to MTB'ing. Looking to to buy my first bike. Narrowed it down to either a Titan Drone Trail 29er or a Momsen AL229. Any thoughts or recommendations. Thanks in advance
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