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  1. So I got myself a new bike, that was left over old stock (2009) with a Fox Float RL 140mm at the front. Anyway, pumped up the fork to the recommended PSI for my weight, and couple minutes later - 'pop' - this happened. Is this an easy fix? Indicative of a bigger problem or simply just a result of the bike sitting in limbo for almost 5 years? Any tips would be great, don't want to take short cuts in remedying it, but I also wanna ride the dam thing!
  2. As the title suggests - what are some factors that one should consider when deciding on a selling price for their bike? I think its quite a tricky game - come in too low and you let it go for a steal, come in too high and people laugh you off and keep browsing. Lemme know what you have based your prices on? And any general tips for the first time sellers
  3. So it's generally agreed that if you want to stay safe, ride in a group. However, sometimes its not always possible or you just want to get out and do a solo ride. With that in mind, are there any known methods out there for giving yourself a bit of a fighting chance to ride off with your ride and hide intact. Would something like easily accessible pepper spray or the like be a good deterrent? Or does any proactive action to protect yourself usually end badly? Anyone got some strange methods for keeping safe solo?
  4. Yup, thats him! Crazy stuff man! 89 snakes, holy hell!
  5. I haven't come pipe in a while, and that sucks! Haha, coz when its been a while that you have wiped, you just KNOW, soon, that you are going to eat sh*t!
  6. jusbob

    Downhill Songs!

    Yeah, sick film! Watched Life Cycles the other day, also pretty sick, just had way too little riding!
  7. jusbob

    BIKE Prices

    Hey jonquil, sorry this reply so slow! I actually bought a DJ bike off of Obike, a GT Ruckus. Obviously GT gets a bad rap for being mass produced, but for the R5700 I paid for it, with R800 of free accessories, its honestly the best bike I have owned after a little customizing! There are a few more on Obike, and if you haven't managed to get a bike, I would suggest you have a look
  8. Not cycling related, but a guy across the road from my girlfriend keeps snakes, and apparently whilst trying to take pictures of his Egyptian Spitting Cobra to sell, it spat right in his eyes. By the time his friend had put the snake away and went to check on the guy who was washing out his eyes, he was dead. Freaky stuff man! Begs the question though, should people be able to own such crazy snakes? Permit or not? Imagine if that got out and did the same to some poor sod on the street??
  9. jusbob

    Downhill Songs!

    Anyone seen any good bike vidz lately?
  10. jusbob

    Downhill Songs!

    You should be able to download them off the pirate bay!
  11. Man these road bikes are sweet, pity in my town there are more potholes than road!
  12. Single speed is GREAT, no tech issues! Just need legs made of steel!
  13. Is that the Nugget?? Check out this link if you wana see someone dominate that bike!! Chris Akrigg
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