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  1. Maybe there's hope for 2016, since they're busy expanding their territory. That said, they insist on selling directly, with no middleman, a concept that's going to be hard to grasp in SA....
  2. Now selling in the US, Canada, Oz and NZ. New wheelsizes for the Tues models as well as a new Aluminium Capra selling for 2600EU - only 600g heavier, but 900EU cheaper than the carbon version. I'm really running out of excuses for not getting a Capra. http://www.yt-industries.com/media/image/Capra_Origin_AL_1_black_green_2015.jpg
  3. As much as I love long distance train rides, if you're dragging your bike along, rather avoid the trains. If they're anything like the German ones, it's going to be a huge pain in the ass dragging the bike through the (often crowded) stations for changeovers. Some trains also don't really have decent storage space, so the box will be in the way. You could DHL the bike from the UK to France, but it'll be pricey. If you book in advance the flights will be cheaper and faster. Another option: There are always a ton of Brits in France around that time. Maybe look on Pinkbike to see if you can catch a lift with someone.
  4. Your "friend" has excellent taste in bikes. Now I just need to get permission from the family to take the day off.
  5. So... hypothetically... Let's say someone was in SA from overseas and was thinking about joining this event, but he has no riding gear except for his trusty FiveTens... Where could he go to be hooked up with a bike, helmet and knee pads?
  6. I haven't lived in SA for a while, so I have no idea what the market is like. That said, I can't imagine getting a complete bike for much less than that. Just make sure it isn't completely trashed.
  7. One of the guys in our riding group rides one of these. The frame is solid. Heavy, but solid. It soaks up the hits well, is stable in the rough stuff and makes a great point and shoot bike. Keep in mind: It's at least 5 years old and DH geometry has changed a lot in the last 3 years, in my mind not necessarily for the better. These bikes are great for freeride duties and will definitely be enough for a beginner. As for the build: Not the latest or best parts, but a decent build kit for the time. If the Boxxer has been maintained properly, it should still have a bit of life in it.
  8. Hog_

    Rampage 2014

    Let's not kid ourselves with the idea that any of these riders choose their gear based on performance, they ride what they're paid to ride. When the companies do their market research and see that their fork is seen as more race/freeride orientated, they just make sure to get a few more freeriders/racers on their payroll, that way they can make the sheep (us) buy more of their gear.
  9. I moved the components over from the Glory to the Kalula on Friday.... Surprisingly not too bad! The jockey wheels where completely seized, as well as the one on the chain device. The BB was still turning, but I had an extra new one so that went onto the new frame. Haven't opened the fork yet... not sure I want to. The linkage bearings seem to be okay, so I'm not going to bother with those before selling the frame.
  10. Gave the bike a proper test at Spicak on Sunday, and it's quite good at the moment. The BOS needs to go though! Can't hear the chain over the damn shock!
  11. You actually make a pretty solid point. Not sure the wife would be happy with me buying yet another bike though.
  12. Earplugs would at least solve the issue with the BOS. I have some mastik type stuff on order from Amazon, until it arrives the inner tube method will have to do though.
  13. Hog_

    Cape Uplift Days

    If you combine this with a service where you pick the XC guys up from the top of the hill and drive them down, you can make double the money!
  14. Yes, the clutch and short chain are already in play. I still need to figure out how to silence the BOS shock as well. It sounds like I'm molesting a squirrel every time I hit a rocky or rooty section.
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